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What type of milk are you giving LO?

Since this board is moving very slowly and some people aren't on FB I will post this discussion on here.

What type of milk are you giving LO? and how is the weaning process going?
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Re: What type of milk are you giving LO?

  • At the moment I am giving Connor Horizons Organic cow milk with DHA and Omega-3 in it.

    I am thinking about adding in a little coconut milk because it has a lot of fat (52g per cup!) and the weaning hasn't been going good I do not think. 

    I can't get him to drink more than 10oz in a day of milk and he has 3-4 bottles.
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  • I see. I am using the toddler formula for bottles and milk/water for sippy cup. So I guess I am weaning the bottle too which is why it seems like it is going more slow?
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  • We are doing plain ol' WCM. The transition off bottles has been ridiculously easy for him (although he started weaning himself off them closer to 10 months). I don't really I keep track of ounces anymore since his sippy cups don't have an oz reading (maybe 4-6 oz/sitting) but right now he's on whole milk with breakfast, lunch and dinner and he gets water with a snack. If he's really fussy in the middle of the day I might offer him another cup of milk which he always takes.
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  • DD is on WCM. Usually 14-16 oz a day. She gets water with snacks, and diluted juice with vitamins that her pedi suggested for lost nutrients since she's not on formula anymore and to keep the poo flowing. She takes her milk from sippies except of her night bottle which I'd like to keep for a bit longer, and her diluted juice and water from a straw cup.
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    She is on WCM and drinks about 10 oz a day in a sippy cup (maybe even more because sometimes she drinks from her brother's cup too). I still bf 3 times a day as well and she has never had formula. She has only had about 8 bottles her whole life so we went straight to sippy cup and she drinks like a pro- with handles or without (her brother's cup).
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  • Organic WCM and we are fully weaned from BM/formula...no more bottles either

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    WHole milk; whatever organic version is on sale or that I have a discount for.  Sometimes that is Horizons, sometimes Organic Valley, sometimes Target's "simple" brand with the blue packaging.

    He is fully weaned and drinking anywhere from 18-24 oz per day, depending on food consumption and other stuff (teething, etc). We had an interesting time with the adjustment -- he was drinking like 35 oz of formula per day plus meals and snacks, but the doc wanted us to cut WAY back immediately -- well, we cut him down too soon because he wasn't used to eating so much table food, plus the milk made him hella constipated,so the first week or so was really tough.  Lots of painful poops and crying and general weirdness.  But things seem to have worked themselves out (har har), and he's eating plenty of food plus getting the right amount of milk and pooping like a champ. :-)

    OH -- he still hates the sippy cup and is on bottles. I know I need to just go cold turkey on it, but I've been sort of stressed/ overwhelmed with life lately, and I honestly can't take the crying that will happen, so I'm giving him a few more weeks for that.
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  • Still nursing many times a day, but trying organic wcm and almond milk (alternating) every few days. She takes the milk in a sippy, and has water in a straw cup. Thinking about trying some other milk alternatives like coconut just for variety.
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  • Costco brand whole milk. I'm too lazy to buy milk every week. He is completely weaned to WCM during the day. I still BF at night but I can tell my supply is finally tanking. A related question: when do I have to give up bottles for naps/bedtime? For those of you who did not do CIO, how do you get LO to sleep? Warner won't freakin take a pacifier, he is so much work to get to bed.
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  • Mostly breastmilk. I offer her almond milk with meals (she had a reaction to WCM) but she's not overly interested.
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  • For the question of non-CIO nap time, I usually lay next to him or sit next to him, tell him to go nite nite and keep laying him down if he tries to get up. When he does settle down and lays there I will rub his leg or pat his tummy. Sometimes he holds my finger and I rub his hand with my other fingers and he falls to sleep.

    I also make sure he is tired before giving him a nap. If he is fighting like crazy, I will wait 30 minutes and let him play some more. He self weaned from the pacifier at 4 months, so I was surprised how easy it is to put him to sleep when he is actually sleepy.

    @Grace0609 - I am very glad everything is getting better with your LO!
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  • Mason is drinking all whole milk with a little breast milk still. He doesn't mind whole milk.I still give it to hI'm in bottles. He does use a sippy cup for water. He does care for the sippy cups yet and won't drink milk out of one. At my one year check up the dr. Said he wants him to still drink 24oz of whole milk. I also feed him 3 meals a day.
  • @skidderdo We cut out bottles after he turned one. I was home with him for a week (spring break), and he didn't have any bottles taht whole time, so we never brought them back out. I give him milk (WCM and/or BM) in a sippy cup. I still nurse him before bed which gets him settled down. YOu can also try rocking, back patting, etc. However, I'm in the school of, at some point they have to learn to put themselves to sleep. That doesn't necessarily mean full-fledged CIO, but maybe some fussing or letting them figure it out. That's me, though!


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  • We are on WCM - I buy the generic brand and she takes 4 bottles a day - 24 ou. The transition to sippy cups isn't going well, but I confess I'm also not pushing it as hard as I probably should....maybe I'll attempt that this weekend.

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  • danuli8danuli8 member
    We haven't done any WCM yet. We do yogurt and cheese so I know he is getting calcium, but I just haven't offered him WCM yet. I'm still BFing and giving him water out of an open cup. (I have to hold the cup but he drinks very well from it.)
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  • DD has been on WCM for about a week now. She'll drink a little and then I think realizes what it is and spits it out. She takes all her liquids from a sippy, so maybe she's just still getting used to the taste? She eats plenty yogurt and cheese so I'm not overly concerned just yet. She nurses once a day, before bedtime.
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  • We use Horizons Organic cow milk with DHA and Omega-3 also. When we first transitioned I would mix a little vanilla milk (cow or almond) in because supposedly it tastes similar to breast milk. It worked really well for us and now she just drinks it plain.

  • Horizons Organic cow milk with DHA and Omega-3. He drinks about a cup a day but he still wants breast milk.

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