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How to reintroduce dairy?

I have been dairy and soy free for a while now. DD has reflux and the dr suggested I do this to see if it would help. While I definitely see a difference in her from when I started, there are so many factors that come into play that I can't say for certain that the milk and soy elimination is what she needed.

I'm guessing the only way I would know for certain is to re-introduce it into my diet and see if it causes any changes in her. How should I go about doing this? Should I reintroduce soy first and then do dairy if the soy goes well? When reintroducing dairy, should I start slowly and just eat something with dairy in the ingredients or should I just have a glass of milk? 
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Re: How to reintroduce dairy?

  • When I introduced dairy back I was told to try it baked in foods first, and if there was no reaction after a couple of days then to try cheese or yogurt second. If I saw a reaction from the cheese or yogurt, then I knew that I could have it baked in foods and DS would be fine. Good luck.

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    Our allergist told us to start with a really small, like pinky nail sized piece of food where the dairy was baked in (we used Nilla wafers). Every day we made the piece a little bigger to where we were doubling it in size. From the baked dairy we went to yogurt ( supposed to be an easier to digest raw dairy form), then cheese, then finally milk.
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    Thank you @LSU628 and @Mr.&Mrs.Woodtick
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