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lets talk about gas

My little guy is having some serious gas problems! He is strictly breastfed, and I am eating the blandest diet ever, but this kid can't catch a break! I'm sure others are having this problem too! What are you doing to help? What's working? What's not working? I feel like I've tried everything, so I am open to anything!

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  • Gas drops? I just have to burp mine like a million times a day or he's miserable by the afternoon.
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  • Doesn't matter what I eat, lil dude is a gas bomb, so I eat what I want. We do lots of burping and bicycle legs too!

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  • Bicycle legs has been one of the most amazing tricks I've learned on TB! Thank you experienced mamas!
  • We are in the same boat. Unfortunately bicycle legs hasn't really been working for us but we keep trying! I have been nursing her on an incline with her head higher than her tummy to let gravity help separate the gas and she seems to be burping easier now....
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    I've use Gripe Water... got it from Walgreens. It worked on her gas almost immediately.
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    My LO is too strong for bicycle legs (unless I"m doing it wrong...). Yesterday, we let him sleep (supervised) on his tummy for a while and he didn't have bad gas issues after a few rough days. Possibly a coincidence, but I think it helped. Also while he was on his tummy, we massaged his tummy a bit. We talked to our pediatrician about this today, actually, and she suggested laying LO across my knees with his legs hanging off. She said the pressure and heat from our legs can help brake up gas bubbles. 
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    I'm using Little Remedies gas relief drops, and a probiotic and it seems to be helping.
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    I second gripe water! My LO has pretty bad gas and it's almost immediate relief and is natural.

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    A warm bath can help too

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  • I third gripe water! I got little remedies first but it was making LO constipated, so I've stopped that immediately. We bought mommy's Bliss gripe water from walgreens and that seems to do the trick! :)
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  • Bicycle legs? Is it how it sounds and how does it make them burp?
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  • We just bought gripe water last night (funny side story - it's suppose to help stop hiccups and DS got hiccups right after we gave it!) question: do you give if to your LO around the clock (6 doses in 24 hours), only when LO seems really fussy?? When/how often do you dispense?
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  • I just do half of a dose a few times a day. I do it when he is the most fussy and won't calm down no matter what i do.
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  • Gripe water right BEFORE feedings, gentle tummy rubs, and bicycle legs.
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    Same prob here. We use gas drops and my pedi also recommended nursing off one breast at a feeding to ensure it's being emptied so she's getting more hind milk. I guess the fore milk comes out first and can cause gas because it has less fat and more sugar. Sounds complicated but it really made sense after her explaining it to me and it seems to be helping.
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  • I third gripe water! I got little remedies first but it was making LO constipated, so I've stopped that immediately. We bought mommy's Bliss gripe water from walgreens and that seems to do the trick! :)

    @Sugar Rush - how long did it take to realize the Little Remedies was causing constipation? Just curious because I think my LO is having more trouble with BMs the past two days, but I have only used the drops twice.
  • Kinda weird but none of the usual remedies were doing much for our LO so I took her to my brother-in-law who's a chiropractor and after he adjusted her she was like a totally different baby - all the screaming crying gas fits went away and she slept much better. The effect only lasted 2 days though. Hoping regular appointments for a little while will improve things.
  • How can you tell if your baby has bad gas? My LO poops and farts a lot but I haven't thought much of it. Sometimes he cries after a feeding until he poops--mostly in the late afternoon/evening. But it seems more fussy than super pained.
  • My doctor recommended a warm compress on the belly and swaddling over it but leave arms and legs free to move around. Also bicycle legs afterwards. Haven't tried it yet.
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