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39 week appt.

Still very little progress. I'm 1 centimeter and 80% effaced. I'm seriously bummed out about this. I've done everything possible to bring on labor, so I give up!

They scheduled an induction for Friday, which will be 1 day past my due date.

I know it's dumb to put so much emphasis on my mom and sister being around, but I was really hoping to have him sometime early this week while they are still on break from school. They can be there Friday, which is good-but I really hoped he would come on his own. And by the time we head home with him, they'll be back at work.

I have NOTHING to do this week and I know it's going to drag. I'm done working (plus it's Christmas break anyway at school) and can't really go shop because I don't have money to spend and I don't really need anything anyway. What can I do to kill time and keep my mind off of this?!

(Can you tell I'm feeling sorry for myself?!)

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Re: 39 week appt.

  • Beth, I hope you have some more progress between now and Friday and you don't have to be induced.    How are you feeling?
  • I actually feel okay, I'm just super anxious. My indigestion has come back full force and I'm not sleeping well, but other than that I still don't feel too bad.
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  • I'm sorry there's been so little progress! I know exactly how you feel. We tried all the old wives' tales for bringing on labor & I started threatening to eat cupcakes with eviction notices for the baby piped on them.

    Last week we did little errands to kill time- buying extra stamps for birth announcements, stocking up on some easy-to-grab food (fruit, lunchmeat, cereal) and grabbed some books from the library, which has been good for killing time while waiting for the induction and while BFing. But there is really not much that could take our minds off the fact that the baby hadn't arrived yet!

    Good luck with your last few days of pg & with labor, whether Bennett decides to arrive on his own or has to be kicked out via induction! 

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  • Friday will be here before you know it. Some things I did to help pass the time was clean everything so that was done before coming home from the hospital, did all the laundry, made a bunch of meals to freeze. Maybe you can use this week to take down your holiday decorations if you have those up. Good luck and who knows, maybe little man Bennett will decide he is ready before Friday.
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  • I have no advice as to kill time for you but hopefully Bennett will come early so that you don't have to wait too much longer!!!

  • I don't usually post on here but I just wanted to tell you there is hope.  I had my daughter in September and my 38 week appointment was on a Wednesday where I was 1 cm and 50% effaced and my water broke that Saturday morning.  Good luck!
  • I know how you feel Beth.  I wanted to avoid an induction at all costs but it happened anyway.  I hope labor begins before the induction!

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