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Naming a baby after the city you currently live in?

We live in Charlotte and just found out we're having a little girl.  We love the name Charlotte, but is it odd to name your baby after the city you live in?  We're not originally from here and may not live here if we move at some point down the road, we thought it could link our family back to where she was born.  Any opinions?

Re: Naming a baby after the city you currently live in?

  • I live just south of Charlotte, so hello from another local member! :) 

    I love the idea and think it's really awesome. My husband is from SC and has a cousin who named her baby Carolina; it's really cool because their little family just relocated to the West Coast, so now she will always be connected to where she was born because of her name (I realize that's not a specific city, but it's the same idea!). I think the only time it would be weird is if you named a baby something like San Francisco or Myrtle Beach… LOL. Charlotte is a gorgeous name! 
  • I agree, it's totally cool. 

    Although we live near Chapel Hill, we named our DD Virginia. We have family and friends who live in VA and they've never said anything about her name, nor have the locals when we visit. I agree with PP in that as long as it's a typical name anyway, who cares if you happen to live there?
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  • We live in Charlotte as well and my favorite girls names for a long time were Charlotte and Caroline, haha! obviously we couldn't do both if we had two girls.. 
    I think it's ok. I know several little girls named Charlotte around here. 

    if you really love the name use it! 
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  • I live in south Charlotte, and the name is on our top list as well.  We loved it when we were discussing names for first, before we knew he was a boy, back in 2012.  Name your daughter whatever you like regardless of where you live.  My first name is Virginia, and I lived in Virginia for over half my life.  I did have a lot of people comment "Oh, Virginia from Virginia" but then it's not that common of a name anymore.  

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  • We are naming our baby girl Charlotte too! 
  • I think it's fine. I am in Winston-Salem and know two kids here named Salem!
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  • Charlotte is a beautiful name & I don't think it would be strange to use it.  Especially since you may not stay forever.  I live close to Cary and love the name and spelling but I think in my case it may be a little too weird since the spelling isn't that common.
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