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Army Officer Commissioning Ceremony

My husband has received a commission as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Reserves (he's a nurse).  They asked my husband to pick a place for the ceremony and also mentioned "relaxing and celebrating afterwards."   I didn't realize that it was such a big deal.  Any ideas as to where we should do this?  We were thinking a local park would be fine.  And should I be prepared to feed the guests?  It will just be the Army guys, our little family, and DH's parents.
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Re: Army Officer Commissioning Ceremony

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    A commissioning ceremony has to take place in the presence of a US Flag.  You can have it at a park, but someone will have to bring a flag (and that can be a pain, but is totally do-able).   It might be easier to have it in an office, conference room, or auditorium that already has a flag in it (or is in the same building, so someone can just bring it over).  

    As for refreshments, I think it might be nice to have some time-of-day appropriate food (bagels/muffins and coffee/juice if it's in the morning, or a veggie tray/deli tray and juice/soda if it's the afternoon).  There's no need to go nuts if there's only going to be a handful of people there.  I wouldn't spend more than maybe $30 on this.  
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  • Since they mentioned "celebrating," I would provide something, but like pp said, don't go nuts. Coffee, bagels, fruit is always a hit. Or you could do more of a cake-and-punch thing (cookies, fruit, soda) if it's in the afternoon. 
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  • It's scheduled for lunch time so we are going to go with some Jimmy John's.  His recruiter said they will provide a flag.  Thanks all for your input.
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  • I was ROTC, so it's honestly as simple as some light snacks, punch, and/or cake for the meal. I take it since he's comissioning by himself, it's not your standard big class commissioning...

    If he's at a university, they're usually very gracious toward providing a small room to use. Or if there is some other place of significance. The beauty of being by himself, it is more up to him and you.

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  • my commissioning didnt take place in front of a flag and my husband's didnt either. we did ours at our house and did a bbq for both of ours

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