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Amalia- just curious

How do you pronounce this?



3 syllables or two? Some other way?
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Re: Amalia- just curious

  • I pronounce it Ah-moll-ya (3 syllables) and I had a friend named Amalia who went by Molly. Love this name.
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  • Ah-moll-ya
  • I would say Ah-Moll-ee- uh
  • Grew up with an Amalia Ah-moll-ya
  • Ah-mall-ee-ya, so 4 syllables :)
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  • I would say it with 4 syllables also.

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  • DD is Amalia nn Molly. If I'm speaking slowly, it is 4 syllables, but it sounds like 3 if I'm in a rush. Pronounced like Molly with a schwa on the beginning and end.
  • I say it as 3 syllables. Ah-moll-ya. But honestly, the 4 syllable pronunciation, Ah-mall-ee-ah, is not that far off.

    Pretty either way!!
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    I pronounce it 4 syllables. A-mal-li-uh
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