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NBSR: 2nd Birthday Party

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I would have posted this on the birthday parties board, but it's not as active over there.

In a month DS is having a Sesame Street Themed birthday party at a really nice park. I rented four picnic tables under a pavilion and it's right across from a playground. I've only thrown one other party and it was my housewarming two years ago- so I don't have a clue on what I can do to entertain little kids for a few hours. There will be roughly 10 toddlers. 

My questions are: The party starts at one- should I do a full blown lunch? Or would people have eaten by then? I already planned to get hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, etc. from Costco and grill at the pavilion, but I don't want to buy a bunch of food is everyone has already eaten. My second question is, will the playground be enough to entertain these 2-3 year olds? I figured with eating, singing Happy Birthday, opening presents, hitting the pinata, and then running around the playground- that would be enough. Are there some things that I should add? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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  • One thing I would do is mention in the invite that you are serving food. If I know there is food I'd come hungry but at one I would wonder and I would eat first. If people know there is food that helps people plan.

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  • Playground is perfect! I dont know a 2-3 year old who can't spend hours playing at a play ground. As for food - id be prepared to feed some people, but id suggest something a little less made to order than hamburgers and hotdogs. Perhaps you could buy some large sandwiches/subs (know what I mean?) and cut them up to a smaller size, serve those fruit, maybe a pasta salad, some pirates booty, chips and you're golden.
    That is a great idea, I only thought hot dogs/hamburgers because of the grill but sandwiches sounds perfect! Thank you!
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  • I wouldn't bother planning activities for 2 and 3 year olds. Trying to gather them to play a structured game would be like herding cats. Having the playground so close is plenty of entertainment for them. 
    This was my thought exactly. I feel much better now, thanks ladies!
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  • My niece had this exact same party for her 2nd or 3rd birthday, I can't remember which. We did subs and such as described above, there was a playground, a piñata, and that was it. My sister bought a set of Sesame Street fake tattoos that I put on the kids, that were a big hit. Maybe have a few soft balls that can be tossed around, and if it's going to be hot, maybe a small wading pool and bring a few gallons of water to cover the bottom, just enough to get their feet wet.

    I didn't think of having a pool. Where could I put it if there's a lot of pavilions surrounding each other ? I like the fake tattoo idea & I was planning to give out beach toys for the kids to take home instead of goody bags.
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