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.how to get bigger?

my baby only 8.2 kg while 12 months  ....how to get bigger?

Re: .how to get bigger?

  • Feed them good nutritious foods. Adding coconut or olive oil to things will add good fats. Avocado is great too.

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  • I had to google - so that's about 18 pounds?  The actual number isn't really the focus.  It's more important that your LO stays on his or her own growth curve.  Percentiles are 1-100 so someone always has to be the "1" and someone has to be the "100."  :)  Is there a concern about your baby losing weight or not eating well?  Focus more on that than the actual number and ask your doctor if there's a reason to be concerned.
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  • As long as they r healthy try not to focus on the number to much but u can try upping the calorie intake
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