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What are your thoughts on Lexi for a girl?  I think I love it, but does it sound like a stripper?

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  • I dislike Lexi and all names that can be made into this nickname. I don't know why...
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  • I don't like Lexi as a formal name.  I don't really like it period, but as a nn is fine.

    I'm also not a fan of Alexis, but I do think Alexandra and Alexandria are pretty.

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  • Spin313Spin313
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    My daughter is Alexandra, and goes by Lexie. We love it, and it suits her...but she has other nickname options if she wants to change it later.

    The name gets no love here...It gets really old to hear people on this board say it's a "stripper name."

  • Joy2611 said:
    I don't mind Lex as a nickname, but it's terrible as a given name.

    Alexis, Alexandra, Alexa, etc...
    All this.  Alexa is really pretty.


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  • I think it needs a full name. I love Alexandra and I like Alexa.


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  • abbyfulabbyful
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    bromios said:

    It should only ever be a nn. If it were the full name, it would be distinctly trashy. 

    I went to college with a Lexi (not sure if it was nn or full name), she was an attractive girl, all the guys called her "sexy Lexi" behind her back. It wasn't mean, but I personally wouldn't name my girl something that rhymes with sexy.

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  • To me it is a stripper name, but really only because H's friend had a girlfriend named Lexi and she was a super trashy stripper. Lexi was her stage name, but she always went by it I don't know her real name.  

    I love Alexandra, but I like the NN Alex much more then Lexi.  
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  • I like Alexa and Lexi for short
  • I would never classify it as a stripper name. I know a lot of girls with the name- lots of them in my ballet classes, and I simply don't associate 5 and 6 year old little Lexi's as strippers.   That said, I prefer it as a nickname. I really don't think it's a name that can stand on its own.  I prefer Alexandra, Alexandria or Alexis with Lexi as the NN.
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  • I don't like that it rhymes with sexy.


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  • A midwife at my practice is Lexi not a nickname her actual name and she is a successful professional. I love it!
  • It is a NN. Please use one of the full names suggested.
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  • Cute nn.
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  • shannmshannm
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    Lexi gets no love on this board and I can see where the dislike comes from….having said that, I really like it, nn or full name.

  • I like the name lexi
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  • I went to high school with a girl who dubbed herself "sexy Lexi" completely ruined that name, even as a nn, for me. I feel like its inevidable with that name.
  • IMO Lexi is a NN and not even a good one. Everytime I hear it I think of this girl my DH and his friends new in a college who was totally clingy when she got drunk and they all called her "Sexy Lexi" and then did this octopus impression to depict her "behaviors."





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