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A little rant...

I am 10 weeks pregnant and the few family/friends I have announced to have all had the same question....So are you two going to get married now? This annoys me so much. I'm not against marriage, but we both agreed to wait a little while. But why does everyone assume now that I'm pregnant we're going to rush to get married?

One "friend" really pissed me off. I told him when I was 6 weeks and he told me that it was early enough that I could marry my boyfriend immediately and no one would know I got pregnant before the wedding.....


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  • H & I weren't married when I got pregnant, and we heard that question constantly. Most people assume you'll get married because that's what people have usually done "back in the day." Unfortunately you can't really avoid the question but try not to let it bother you. Get married when & if you decide you're ready. Rushing into a marriage just because you're pregnant sounds like a recipe for divorce. For what it's worth, DD was 3 when we got married.
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  • We got the same questions. We already had plans to marry (but nothing specific yet) and when I found out I was pregnant I said we should wait.

    Some people didn't understand why I wouldn't want to be married before the baby came.

    It really was for superficial reasons. I just wanted to be skinny again at my wedding. We got married when DS was nine months old. I looked awesome in my dress and I don't regret waiting to do it.
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