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12 week Scan update

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I've just returned from my 12 week ultrasound and testing, all seems great so far... which I am thrilled about...
Just feel slightly nervous until 20 week mark I guess... Anyone else feel this way now or in past with their pregnancy?
I don't worry on a daily basis as I know its not healthy to do so... I just don't know at what point you're totally "safe"

appreciate any kind input...

Re: 12 week Scan update

  • Life is never guaranteed ... none of us can tell into the future. Just enjoy it. I knew at 8 weeks when my doctor told me I was in the clear, is when I decided to stop worrying. Luckily, once the baby is there, it's perfectly natural and our bodies are pretty good at knowing what to do. Hope you can rest easy so you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!


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  • @JOACOA - I'm right there with you! I don't know that I'll ever be completely worry free. I'm having a hard time being excited because I'm so nervous that something will go wrong. I've been trying to do little things to help get me excited - chalkboard updates, making a baby journal, etc. Best wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy! :)

  • I am right there with you ladies. The wait until 20 weeks seems SOOO long.
    You are as good as you can be at this point (that's what I keep telling myself!)
    TTC #1 since 12/2010 DH: MFI, cancer survivor Me: Resected septate uterus, lap treated mild endo, tubes open, ovulate on own, autoimmune disease 3 Failed IUI's (2/2012, 4/2012, 6/2012) 
    IVF #1 August 2012. BFP! Beta #1 56.7 Beta #2 150 One baby, one heartbeat on 9/20/12! no h/b @7w6d. dandc @8w0d
    FET #1 December 2012, BFN
    FET #2 February 2013, no embies survived thaw
    IVF #2, BFP #2, Loss #2 March 2013, Scar tissue discovered, RPL testing,
    IVF #3, BFP #3, Loss #3 (twins) September 2013
    Hostile ute, moving onto Gestational Carrier!

    GC/FET #1 of 1 5AA blast and 1 compacted blast, February 2014, BFP #4 on 3/1/2014!
    6w u/s 1 bean with h/b of 145 bpm, 8w u/s 187 bpm
    EDD 11/7/14. Please, please, please stick little one!

    Praying unceasingly for a miracle. ALL welcome!


  • 20 week mark is a long ways away to me at this point. In my head, at 12 weeks I'd be in my safe zone. And as glad as I was to have a great visit today, I almost felt like ok- now we have a new mark to get to....
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