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Talk to me about potty training

Ok, I think DS is ready. We have him sit on the potty before bath every night and most times he goes. He has told me a few other times at home during the day that he wants to use the potty and he goes. Then yesterday at the mall, he wanted to go potty there too. So I took him and he went there too. So next steps are that I just take him to the potty throughout the day at consistent times, right? I honestly didn't think he would be trained before the baby came, but now I'm thinking differently.

Share your tips, please! :)
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Re: Talk to me about potty training

  • Oh, forgot to add he is 2 for those on mobile and can't see my ticker!
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    BFP with #2- Sept 6, 2013  EDD May 20, 2014   MC Sept 26, 2013 @ 6 wks 2 days

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  • I don't like the idea of regular potty trips especially since he's verbally communicating when he needs to go. You don't want your kid holding it and then just going when you make him. I really like the three day potty training method. In a nutshell it's telling them diapers are all done and putting them in underwear. Yes it's lots of messes initially but it's over with very quickly. You can use plastic underwear covers over underwear to help contain messes.
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  • We do a combo of regular potty breaks and them telling us once they are able. That is, the regular potty breaks are before sleeping and before leaving the house. The rest of the time they tell us.

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  • We just starting bringing him whenever he asked and really praising him. DS did the something g at about your point in my pregnancy with dd. I held on to diapers until after dd was born though. Whe she was about 4 months old he just told me he wanted to wear underware and we went with it.
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  • Thanks for the ideas! Yeah, I'm not going to get rid of diapers until after the baby is born. I know that DS might and probably will regress.
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  • Sounds to me like he's taking the lead pretty well on his own, so I would just keep encouraging and praising him.
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  • NandaB said:
    He sure seems like he is ready. 

    If you were 30 = weeks pregnant I would say wait, but he seems ready, and you have time to get in a routine, so I say go for it! (and remember there may be regression)
    This.  I would definitely ditch the diapers and put him in underwear and see what happens.  Sure he may regress but he may also work right through that.  My 2 boys were both just about 2 when they decided to start using the potty and we never looked back.  Sure there were some accidents but nothing too terrible and I think the accidents help them learn. 
  • We did the three day bootcamp idea. It was over a long weekend. Lived at home. He was basically naked or just in underwear. Pumped him full of water/juice/popsicles. Potty was always with us. He was 2yr 4m. And ds2 was 3 months. He hasn't been in a diaper since.

    I agree with kc about not doing scheduled times since he's communicating that he knows he has to go. Just ask when he's busy playing or you noticed the wiggly potty dance. And have an extra set off clothes with you if you go anywhere.

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  • DD was 2 1/2 when she potty trained.  I had a little potty for her for a long time and a few books about using the potty which we read.  One day I went to get her from her nap, I told her I had to use the potty and she said she wanted to as well.  Her diaper was dry, she sat down and peed!  I took her to Target that day and let her pick out underwear and M & Ms.  Told her she got two M & Ms every time she used the potty and could wear the underwear when she wanted to.  The first day she chose to wear the underwear over her diaper and the second day she decided to go without her diaper.  She did great, a few accidents here and there but really took to it.  I know not everyone agrees with giving treats, but I followed the same approach my mom used and it worked for us :)
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