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First Pediatric GI appointment

My 5 year old has her first appointment with a pediatric GI this Friday.  I am so thankful to be going, but I am also a little nervous and just really hope that there is some sort of definitive result/treatment plan.  She had very bad colic as a baby, and has really always had stomach/digestive issues, and has more recently started complaining of headaches.  Her stools are loose 99% of the time as well.  We have eliminated all food types on our own that I think I am capable of and had no results.  We have not removed gluten, so that is sort of what I am worried and wondering about.

Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any tips or questions that I should ask.  I am worried that they will maybe do some basic testing and send us on our way with no diagnosis.  That is sort of how it has been going with the pediatrician the first years of her life.  I have brought up the issues at each well visit, and this was the one that she finally said it sounds like we need someone to look into it.

If you went to a GI specialist, how did the first visit go?

Re: First Pediatric GI appointment

  • Ask about an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) with biopsy. The scope will allow GI to visually inspect the anatomy for anomalies, and the biopsy will allow the GI to look for microscopic evidence of anomalies in physiology. Hopefully, you guys get to talking about probable causes, which could include gluten intolerance or Celiac's, but diagnostics are worth a ton for a GI. Good luck! I hope she gets some relief!!
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    Our first appointment they basically did a visual look at him, squished around on his tummy and scheduled is for blood work and set up for an endoscopy. He ended up with Celiac or a severe intolerance,
    He was one in 500 with results borderline on all 9 biopsy spots.

    Then we found out he had an actual wheat, oat and soy allergy so after stopping all wheat and oat.. He hasn't vomited again in 8 months! He gained 3 pounds and grew almost 2 inches. They went ahead and labeled him as Celiac.
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