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Baby zoning out- unresponsive

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So LO has been randomly tuning out/zoning out for a few seconds and is unresponsive (still breathing etc just can't get his attention). He isn't twitching, his eyes aren't fluttering but he takes a few seconds to snap back. He is a VERY responsive 8 month old. So it's seems a little strange to me for him to not even move when he is in one of these episodes.

 I've only noticed it when he is sitting in his high chair- which I think it because all of my focus is totally on him. It's an easier thing to kind of miss because it isn't happening for minutes- just a few seconds- enough to say his name a few times and snap my fingers. He is in daycare full time- so I've asked her to look out for it and document it, if it happens there as well. 

As a FTM, I am not sure if this is an overstimulation, tired or just a regular thing to happen.So I was curious if anyone has noticed their LO's doing the same thing. 

I've also placed a call into his pediatrician and they want him to come in. I figured it might be better to do it now so that I can start documenting and we can reassess in 3 weeks at his 9 month appointment if need be. 

Re: Baby zoning out- unresponsive

  • I think taking him in would be a wise choice. And like the PP mentioned, if you can video the behavior (in case, he doesn't do it during the visit) it will help the Ped determine what needs to be done next.



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  • thank you @roo100 and @vintageutopia - that's a good idea. I am going to try and keep my phone around and within reaching distance when I feed him. I figure if it happens to be something along the lines of wondering if it is a small  seizure that they will want a video tape of it. So hard to do when most meal times it is just the two of us! 
  • Well, petit seizures was my first thought, but I didn't want to say anything and worry you. It sounds like you are doing everything you can, so my thoughts will be with you. Keep us updated!
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  • @vintageutopia it's one of those situations where google is your friend and your enemy at the same time. As a FTM sometimes I don't know if I am overreacting or one the right page. So I really appreciate your support. Thank you! 
  • If you have a concern, which it sounds like you do, go with your instincts. Video tape it & show the doctor. It could be nothing, and I hope it is. However, don't ignore your gut feelings.

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  • Thanks everyone. We visited the doctor last week and he believes that everything is okay but we are going in for an EEG tomorrow. 
  • dhaueisen said:
    There is a big difference between zoning out and unresponsive. I'm assuming since he is in his highchair when it happens that he isn't going limp. Unresponsive would mean that you couldn't get him to respond to ANYTHING...including pain or loud noises. I might try snapping your fingers near his face or clapping to see if you can startle a response. If you don't get one then I would try to get his attention with touch that he would normally respond to...maybe a tickle or tap his nose...anything that he normally can't ignore. If he is really not responding to anything during these episodes then I would be getting in to see the doctor right away.
    @Dhaueisen  I haven't tried touch but he was unresponsive to noise including clapping, snapping and calling his name. He doesn't go limp and he continues to breathe but he is unresponsive to the noise. The blank stare just had a different type of look than a normal stare- which sometimes happens when he focuses on on object. 

    Next time I catch this I will try touch as well. I am not sure why that hadn't crossed my mind. I guess by the time I am done with saying his name and making noise he snaps back out of it. 
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