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Hello all :-)

Brief intro: baby number 4 due in sept. 3rd boy. We aren't totally traditional but not OUT THERE in terms of naming.. Soooo what are your honest opinions of these names. (If you don't mind).


* Orion

* West

* Brooks

* Reeve

* Quade

* Maverick (nms at all but dh loves it :-/ )



Re: Intro & WDYT

  • oliversbearoliversbear
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    Orion -- not bad, but I'm not seeing it as a name for a human
    West -- if it's a name, it's a surname or middle name only
    Brooks -- seems like a girl's name or a surname/middle name, but it's the best of the bunch
    Reeve -- surname or middle name
    Quade -- did you misspell Wade?
    Maverick -- guilty pleasure name

    They all seem a bit "out there" to me as far as names go.
    Some alternatives:
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  • Thanks for the input! There are some nice alternatives...I like Merrick in place of Maverick!

    They were all options for a first name...and I accidently left out Leo. That should have been on there too. We haven't even thought of middle names. Usually we use our 2nd fave for the middle, providing it flows well enough.


  • I really like Brooks. Contrary to the PP, I think it sounds like a manly name and it flows nicely from child to adulthood.
  • I like Brooks and Leo... and obviously Orion (though not for a first name... which is what DH wanted)  I "compromised", LOL
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  • I Love Leo! DH shot it down for our little guy: (
  • Even though I hate the name Brooke, I kind of like Brooks.  

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    * Orion-Not a fan. IDK, it's not even that it sounds bad. It just seems kind of cheesy. I know it's got old Greek roots, but I just think of the constellation. I want to like it.

    * West-Seems incomplete...and like you're giving directions. I really like Wesley.

    * Brooks-fine, not my style but I have nothing against it.

    * Reeve-Unless it's a family name, it seems like a randomly-used surname as a first name, which is very trendy right now.

    * Quade-Dislike. Same reason as above.

    * Maverick (nms at all but dh loves it :-/ )-Really dislike.

    I love love love Leo. Leo would be my top pick for sure.




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  • Jags8Jags8
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    The only one I like is Leo. 

  • I really like Brooks and it's totally a masculine name. Most guys associate it with the baseball player Brooks Robinson (I know two guys with this name and both named after the baseball player). It's on our short list for names because I'm married to a baseball player. I like Leo if you have a last name that can support it. Leo Jones doesn't work. Same with Brooks, if you have a one syllable LN I don't think it will flow well. The rest are NMS but other suggestions

    Reed/Reid instead of Reeve
    Quinn instead of Quade
    Murphy instead of Maverick
  • NerdyLucyNerdyLucy
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    Was Leo deleted from the OP?  

    ETA:  Nevermind. I see it mentioned later.

    Yeah, I like Leo also.

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  • I am drooling over Orion!

    The rest are just OK.  Maverick is terrible, sorry.


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  • Orion and Brooks are the only 2 I like from that list.
  • I love Orion and Maverick. I also like Brooks.


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