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So about 2 months ago we switched DS1 to a toddler bed.  He had climbed out of his crib and was no longer safe.

He has done amazing with the switch and has only falled asleep on the floor a couple of times.  However, he refuses to nap or fall asleep easily.

He has napped maybe 2-3 times when he was sick or after our trip to Hershey.  It's not a huge deal to me because he's at the age where he's going to give up naps anyway.  

My issue is night time sleep.  He gets up at 7 and goes to school from 9-12 everyday.  When he gets home he gets lunch and 30 minutes to stay in bed. He's supposed to stay in bed but gets up and plays in the room.  I can't make him stay any longer in there because he keeps DS2 up (they have to share a room there is nowhere else for anyone to sleep) and DS2 needs to nap.  I basically took all the toys out except a toy chest and the fisher price house.  Even if there are no toys he will open the closet doors, curtains, drawers, etc.  Make his own fun.

The same issue is happening at bedtime.  By 5 PM he is cranky, whiney, moany, eye rubbing, etc.  We have dinner which sometimes he's so tired he barely eats.  And then he gets a drink, medicine and his PJ's.  We lay him in bed and he rolls over on his belly and hugs his lovey.  as soon as we shut the door he gets up and plays, sometimes for up to 2 hours.  But if we were to get him up to play and tire him out he would be a mess because he is so tired.  If we go in and put him back in bed he thinks it's a game and ends up super angry and screaming.

Do I just leave him in there?  Eventually he gets tired, climbs in bed or lays on the floor and falls asleep but sometimes he's only getting 9-10 hours of sleep a day.  And he rarely sleeps in, I don't wake him up and he is almost always up by 7.  

We have a sound machine and blackout curtains.  Any suggestions beyond just tieing him in bed?  (obviously joking)
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Re: Nap/Sleep Advice

  • What if you sit in there until he falls asleep? I know experts say you should leave, but maybe it is worth sitting in there until he falls asleep at night.
  • What time is bedtime?

    And could you leave the door open?  With my DS he did the same getting up to play thing until we left the door open.  I think he thought we would hear him easier, so he just stayed in bed listening for us (and fell asleep)

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  • We put a tent over the bed and that really helped.
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