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fat and rich vs poor and hot

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Would you date and/or marry someone super duper fat (like, TLC show fat) if they were rich? Or would you happily do the hot guy in the poorhouse for the rest of days? Go off of looks alone...they both have great personalities.

fat and rich vs poor and hot 99 votes

Fat and rich
25% 25 votes
hot and poor
54% 54 votes
SS...just because.
20% 20 votes

Re: fat and rich vs poor and hot

  • I'd marry the whatever guy who I loved. I am married to a chubby middle class guy, so I guess I am SS. ;)
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  • I voted hot and poor, lol.  I had a date last week with the fat and sort of rich.  He was lame, so maybe my results are skewed?

    eta: I swear i'm not so shallow irl...

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  • I picked hot and poor, but I don't know. I don't care about looks, honest to goodness. As long as they're not throw a bag over your head, I can't stand to look at you ugly, in mediocre shape, and they treat me great, that's fine with me. But I need someone I can have great sex with. Someone TLC fat probably couldn't give me that, and they wouldn't be able to get out and do the types of things I like to do. So...hot and poor, I suppose.

    I just put way too much effort into that.

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  • KateMW said:

    I'd marry the whatever guy who I loved. I am married to a chubby middle class guy, so I guess I am SS. ;)

    This :D

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  • @louie4real we need to hear more about this date!!

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  • and you know what? fat/rich=boring...hot/poor=mentally unstable. I should vote ss...for freaking neither.
    [Deleted User]Arnegard
  • Well, I used to be hot and poor, and DH still married me...
    Elkanah Brave, born 02/06/2012 7:26am
  • Sorry @Louie4real‌ those both sound awful. I can't believe the second guy didn't pay... like at all. And =)) about the wrestling dude.

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  • Hot and poor. I like being physically active more than spending money.
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  • I would marry for love. Although extreme obesity is a health issue and I'm not sure the dangers of losing someone early due to that would be worth the money. On the flip side, poverty is not something I find attractive either. If he had a good job and was working to move up, I'd be attracted to that.

    I think I'd stay single in this scenario.
  • This is tricky, because to me, overweight is not the opposite of hot. While having an in-shape body is part of the overall picture, an overweight person can lose weight and end up totally hot.

    That said, I think I'd choose overweight and rich, because I think it's easier to lose weight than to overcome poverty.
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  • CnAmom said:
    Poor louie. Wrestling dude probably wears a leo and face paint while doing the do.
    I bet there is no one else around when he does the do...so...
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  • Every time I think fat and rich I picture my disgusting X boss. Once I asked him for change for a five so I could use the vending machine, and he grumbled about how I was taking his titty bar money.

    Hell no.
    Elkanah Brave, born 02/06/2012 7:26am
  • SS because these choices suck.  Where's the brains and personality? I married based more-so on these two things (well and love, but you get me. The personality drew me in, and the brains).

    You can make a lot of cash, be TLC fat and have the personality of a damn rock.  Then I don't want you.  Plus TLC type of weight scares me.  All of that money he makes would go to the doctors. So really, is he THAT rich?  

    Hot, thin and no money can also equal no brains and personality.

    And I can't marry on looks or money alone.
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  • letranger said:
    I can't this is just so damn odd to me. I married who i am attracted to that had a fucking brain. brains are important. 

    Well yeah, I'm sure that none of us married either extreme. Well maybe we married hot and poor for those of us married young because we knew the future was bright. :) don't ruin the fun of the hypothetical. Wet blanket. :P
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  • If the overweight dude was smart and funny, he wins. If the poor hot guy was smart and funny he wins! All comes down to intelligence and sense of humour for me. Luckily DH has both!
  • Sorry didn't read replies first lol! If I am honest I am attracted to tall and lanky guys. So tLC size would mean faking it the rest of my life.
  •  I'm physically active and It's important that my man be able to keep up. If I was looking for a mate, there are higher priorities to me than money.  

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