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DD was invited to a birthday party for classmate, turning 8.  I need gift help. All of her other friends are big time into barbies, anything princess related, dolls, makeup, making bracelets.  This girl is into none of the above.  So I asked DD what she's into (because I'd like to get something she likes, of course) and get "she likes sports. She plays soccer. And she likes animals.. like snakes" .. yeah, thanks for the help.

What would you get an 8 year old girl not into the above stuff? I have until Sunday and I'm drawing a blank. 
(+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)

Re: Birthday help

  • A boa constrictor? :P

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  • A new soccer ball? Or water bottle? Those headband things that girls wear when they have their hair in a ponytail. Tickets to the zoo. I don't really know but that's what popped into my head.
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  • Legos? They're a pretty universal present. 
  • The boa constrictor is probably right up her alley, ha. DD says she has 3 snakes at home.  You guys are awesome, thanks!  My H came up with Legos, too.  I kinda dig the national geographic for kids idea. I know my daughter would like that! My only thought is the party is Sunday, and obviously that wouldn't get to her by then as it likely takes 6 weeks.  Jotted all these ideas down and will talk with DD and see what one she likes the most to give :)
    (+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
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