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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Reminders of loss.

My husband and I are moving across the country on Mon. We decided, pretty much on a whim, that we needed a fresh start after everything that's happened recently. So the next day we signed our vacate notice.

This afternoon we were going through the lasts of a few piles of folders and things and h held up some lab reports from my old lab. He had no idea what it was, he just saw the logo, and said "this is trash, right? You haven't been there in forever." And I immediately lost it and started crying. It was the serial betas confirming my pregnancy last April.

It's so hard to see those reminders when I'm not expecting it. I hate to feel like I'm trying to run away from the memories of all my babies, but there are just too many reminders and memories here. I really hope starting over so far away makes moving forward a bit easier.

**Hope you guys are all doing well. Sorry I've not really been around. I'm stuck being mobile only (this has taken me far too long to write) until we find a place to live. I try to catch up when I can, but replying is spotty.
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Re: Reminders of loss.

  • Hugs! Hoping brighter days are ahead for you.
  • BIG Hugs. I hope the move proves to be everything you hope it will be.
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  • Hugs! Good luck with the move!
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  • :-S so sorry @EllyD14.  Hope the move goes well.  Try not to think of it as running away from the memories and just focus on the fresh start.  {{hugs}}

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  • I'm sorry - that had to be hard. Good luck with the move.
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