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Does anyone work part-time?

I think that I am interested in finding a part-time job now that my youngest is nearing one.

Do any of you work part-time? What do you do? Who watches your children? Do you like the best of both worlds?

Re: Does anyone work part-time?

  • I bartend a two nights a week for about 4-5 hours each shift, its the early evening shift and perfect for me. Then every other Friday I have a longer shift that I close. It really is the beset of both worlds for me, being able to stay home with DS during the day and then get out and do my own thing at night and make a little extra cash. Plus I love what I do. My parents watch DS while I am at work.
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    I've worked part time since my oldest was born. From the time he was two months old until ds was 2/dd was 1 I worked in my pre-baby field 15-20 hours a week. The kids did a mix of staying with dh/my mom. The pro of that was getting a little time away from the kids/adult interaction everyday. The con was it was stressful at times to try to manage the workload and keep my hours that low. After that job I started waiting tables two nights a week 6-11pm. The pro to that is I work nights so there's zero scheduling conflicts. It's also stress free and great money--sadly more than my professional job paid. The con is getting home at 11, going to sleep at 1 and getting up with kids the next morning kind of stinks. Dh is awesome and lets me sleep in but I find I still can't sleep that late.
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  • I do like the best of both worlds.  I work part time owning my own business.  I SAH with DD every day, I have her go to PDO 1 day a week so I can catch up on business stuff.  Either DH, MIL, or my mom watch her when I'm working.  It's so nice to have the extra money.
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  • I work very part time, maybe 5-7 hours a week.

    I provide child care at a local church.  I bring my children with me.

    In a way it works well for me.  I get a small income and have a reason to get out of the house and talk to other adults.  It has also been good for my kids to be around other adults and other kids.

  • I tutor very part time. It's in the evenings so DH is home with the kids.
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  • I worked part time when my kiddo was 16 months - 27 months. I worked in a law firm doing a half time (20 hours/week) position. It would have been fine if not for the commute and the schedule. I worked 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I had a 3 hour round trip commute. So I'd drop the kiddo off at daycare at 11:30, commute, grab some quick lunch on the way up to my desk, work 4 hours, and then be home by 6:30. Daycare closed at 6 so my husband always had to make sure he was off work on time to pick him up since there's no way I could have done it.

    It was nice having mornings available for appointments, classes, and play dates, but it excluded us from longer trips like the zoo, and it was hard to do a class and then rush to daycare. I felt like we were just rushing around all the time. I also didn't end up making a lot of money after paying for 7 hours of daycare on 4 hours of work, especially when I didn't have benefits of any sort to factor into my salary.

    Of course, I think it all depends on your work schedule. If my job was local or if I could have worked from home a couple days every week, it would have been a lot different. Or even if the schedule was more flexible, like working 2 full days and a half day.

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  • I work 12 hours a week. It was supposed to be a temporary, three-month deal, but I'm still there. My MIL watches DD those two days.
  • I work from home during testing season mostly. I usually do 40 hours which is okay because it spaces around my schedule and doesn't interfere with my son's time. When baby girl gets here in June, I probably won't do more than 20 hours per week and it will only be after some routine is established.
  • I teach at the community college two days a week (about 8 hours total).  I love it, it is a lot less stress than being in the classroom full time, plus I teach adults not kids so the adult interaction is nice.  My mom watches the kids once a week and my MIL the other day.
  • I work part time for 2 different companies. I'm essentially an independent contractor. I work Tues/Fri for one company and have a steady babysitter those days. For the other company, I work as needed, so I can only work if I can find a babysitter.

    I do like working part time, but in many ways I think it's harder than SAH or WOH. I can't keep caught up on housework or laundry because we're at preschool on my off days. If I worked full time, we'd have the extra $$ to pay for a house cleaner to help, and I wouldn't have the stress of finding a babysitter for the 2nd job. Overall, I'm happier working part time even if it is crazier schedule wise.
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  • I work from home part-time (It's been only about 5-7 hrs/week since adding DD2 to the family last summer). I used to work more before having the baby, when DD1 was at preschool and after bedtime.  But at 9 months old DD2 is still a terrible sleeper so I can't count on naptime to work, or after she goes to bed for that matter. Hoping to be able to increase my productivity once she's taking a reliable afternoon nap and going to sleep independently at night.

    Oh, and I do some writing/website content for a previous employer.
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  • It was a lot harder for me to find the balance than when I worked FT. I think that's pretty uncommon, however. 

    I found PT to be a lot harder than FT as well. I worked half days last school year, and it was a pain still being the primary house manager and working. I'm FT this year, and it's busy, but I feel like DH and I have a better split on housework, etc. now.
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  • I work 3 nights a week as a server. I like that it's only 4-5 hours at a time. Most nights I'm home by 9. I make good money & we don't have to pay a sitter. I don't like having to work weekends when DH is off.




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