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DC food or home food?

DS is 14 mos old. He mostly eats the food at DC but there is one day that I do not like the lunch they serve and i send my own.  I also send all my own snacks because he does not eat animal crackers/trail mix, etc. We just got an email with weekly updates and in the updates there is a section on food from home and how with the exception of birthdays no food should be sent in from home. They specified this was for toddlers and above. DS's room is still called infant 3 (even tho i call him a toddler!) and no one has said anything about me sending food thus far. Should i ask for clarification? I dont want to be annoying about it, but first off, i hate their snack choices, and second of all, i send in multiple snacks because DS likes to eat alot! Its usually some type of berry, a cheese stick, etc...things he can feed himself. I hate to be that disobedient parent, but food is something i feel strongly about.... I want to continue to send my own, at least while he is this little.

Re: DC food or home food?

  • @privacywanted well its a nut free school and DS hasnt had nuts yet anyway so my snacks are always nut free. I like to send alot bc I know he will eat it ...and I am with you on the health factor so thats part of it. I allow him to eat their cheese quesadilla for lunch..but then i dont want him to have cookies for a snack, i want him to have fruit...so i send it. I am assuming since his room is called infant 3, they werent referring to him, they were referring to the kids 18mos and older. So i am going to leave it alone for now....
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