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It turns out we might get to use TRICARE! My husband is in the guard and got a federal job so we lost some benefits, including TRICARE. Now we have a 4 month old and might get to have it again. Is it hard to find pediatricians who accept TRICARE?


  • I've never heard of anyone having an issue, but I'm also active duty so everyone in town accepts it. Hopefully that's the norm for everywhere!

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    Well I live in Mississippi and like everyone is in the service here so I'm thinking it should be easy. His pediatrian now takes TRICARE, but we're moving so that doesn't matter lol.
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  • We're prime remote and have never had an issue.
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  • I am guessing it depends on your area. We are remotely stationed and have prime remote. The selection is not the greatest, especially since most of the few doctors on the list are not receiving new patients. However, we haven't had a problem before this location.
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