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Fresh milk - fridge then counter?

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Can freshly pumped milk be refrigerated for a few hours and then be let to warm up to room temp for the reccomended 3-8 hours? Or does the 3-8 hours only apply to milk that hasn't been refrigerated?

I'm going to pump milk over night for DH to use during the day. He won't have access to a warmer/hot water so I'm wondering if he can just let it warm up to room temp over time.
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Re: Fresh milk - fridge then counter?

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    We've gone fridge to counter for 3-4 hours with no problems. You can also try giving a cool bottle to LO. My DS will take them cool and some babies will take straight from the fridge.

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  • My first son liked his breast milk at room temperature, so our whole pattern was when he finished a bottle, we would take a new one out of the fridge or cooler and let it sit.  By the time he was hungry again (well before the milk would go bad), it was warm enough to his liking.

    The PP is right though--- some babies will take it ice cold!  My friend's baby would drink breast milk right out of the fridge, even if it was cold enough to have ice crystals on top.

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