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ear piercing?

Dd will be 11 months tomorrow. We are thinking about piercing her ears. Any tips or tricks?
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Re: ear piercing?

  • The lady who did my daughter's at 8 months was amazing. She did a run through of what was going to happen. She showed my husband how to hold her and what to do when one ear was finished so that the second could go fast and smooth. The whole piercing process lasted maybe 20 seconds! I did have a bottle ready at the end but she cried for about a minute and she was ok! The lady did ask that pictures not be taken during the process so the baby doesn't get distracted. I stood to where I could see it being done but not to where I was in plain sight :)


  • Our DD did a lot better with it then I did ;) I agree with the pp. The entire process was discussed with us and the hubs held her so I could stand out of the way. We also had a bottle ready to go for when they were done, but she ended up crying for just a few seconds and then was perfectly fine. We brought Tylenol with us just in case, but never had to use it.
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  • I did ours at 4 months. She doesn't even know they exist!

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