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Nobody is really on here much

Re: Nobody is really on here much

  • It doesn't look like it. Confused

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  • Yeah it's pretty slow...I wish it were busier!!
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  • I think people lurk but don't post (pick me!)  So, I vote we start posting.  How far along is everyong?  I think my ticker should work, but if not, I'm just over 23 weeks, due April 25th and super excited.  My husband has a 7-year old from a previous marriage so we are looking forward to giving her a little sister! 
  • Sounds great!  I am TTC.  Well, technically haven't started yet, was hoping we wouldn't have to try since AF is MIA, but according to the 'many' tests I have taken we will still have to try!  :( LOL

     My name is Angela, my husband and I have been married for 4 months and just as of last week decided we would like to conceive which was a big step for DH.  He wanted to have our debt paid off first.  Hmmm sweet talking will help anything I think!




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