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Induction for vbac based on previous experience?

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So, I was induced at 41 weeks with my ds,andended up with ac section because his head was too big/positioned wrong. My ob doesn't seem to think it could be a repeat problem, when genetics dictate that ds2 well probably have the same head, and does based on what I've seen on ultrasounds. Anyone had a successful vbac that was induced early?

Re: Induction for vbac based on previous experience?

  • I am really hoping someone comments on your post as I'm really hoping for a VBAC as well and dr is talking induction at 41 weeks and so far my body is showing no signs of readiness. First pregnancy was c-section due to breech multiples and never went into labour with them. I could sure use some successful vBAC induction stories I'm staring to fear this will end in a RCS
  • Unfortunately DD was a failed attempted induction. Her head just wasn't getting down to where it needed to be to put pressure on my cervix to help open at all. :(

    I do wish you luck and also hope someone comments with a positive story in the matter. I would like to know I might stand a chance of a VBA2C.

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