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Contractions-a vent

Can I just say that having contractions strong enough to take your breath away while at work just sucks? I'm not in labor. At least, I'm pretty sure I'm not. (I have an OB's appointment this afternoon so I will know for sure.). But seriously, trying to be an authoritative, bad-ass lawyer just isn't easy when your uterus is rebelling. Bah!!! So frustrated. It's been going on a few times an hour, off and on, for the last 24 hours.
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  • That stinks, but good luck! How long until your due date?
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  • How far along are you?


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  • That completely sucks. I had that most days from 35 weeks until 38 weeks, when I delivered. The good news is that once my water broke (on its own), I had a super short labor. I had no contractions leading up to my water breaking, and 45 mins later, DD2 arrived! Wishing you a fast labor too! Though not quite that fast. I almost had her in the car.
  • I totally agree. I had prodromal labor for 2 weeks with both pregnancies. I was exhausted, uncomfortable and miserable. I hope you get good news at the OB.
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  • Thanks! I'm 36 wks, 5 days. He said its likely I will still be pregnant another week but would be surprised if I make it 2 more weeks. Ugh! I can't do this for 2 weeks!
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    I had that from 33 weeks to 39 weeks with my oldest. After he was born, I did the math--all of those contractions added up to a 1600 hour "labor" :). It sucked majorly, so I feel your pain. I ended up working from home for most of that time. Any chance that's an option for you?
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  • Ugh that's awful. One time I was talking to another (male) attorney in the hallway and got a BH and jab of round ligament pain at the exact same moment. It was so strong that I yelped and doubled over! When it passed I just said "don't worry, it's not labor" and continued our conversation.
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    Agreed!  I had bad contractions w/ no labor for both my kids.  Very uncomfortable but it translated to 4 cm dilated before going into labor with each and short labors.  Hoping you'll have some progress at your appointment.  I'm a huge fan of progress before labor because it meant less time I was in lots of pain.
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  • Sorry, that sucks big time! I also had weeks of prodomo labor/contractions before the big finale. On the plus side, I got a lot of practice in for my relaxation exercises, so it was really easy to get into the zone once labor actually got going. I was kind of a pro by then. 
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  • I feel for you - that stinks while you are trying to work. Hope your appt goes well this afternoon.


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