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What has been your best baby bargain so far?

Aside from all the hand-me-downs we have received, I'm pretty proud of myself that I got a box of 80 diapers for 20 cents today! How you ask? I had store credit plus a $3 Huggies coupon. Also, since we got so many clothes at the shower that we won't need, I was able to get store credit at BrU for most Carter's items. $75 that went to much needed baby items!
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Re: What has been your best baby bargain so far?

  • My sister got my ergo carrier for $60 thanks to the target sale someone posted!
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    $90 for my double stroller thanks to target clearance
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  • My double bob for $250
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  • Vera Bradley Baby Backpack bag for 60% off. Paid less than $50 for it brand new!

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  • $350 for nursery furniture and $300 for my double BOB.
  • Got the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair originally $250 for $50 off Craigslist in beautiful condition!
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  • $250 for a Phil & Teds Vibe with 2nd seat. 

    That's also pretty much the only thing I've bought for this baby so far. 
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  • My best deal ever was our FREE glider! Someone set it out by the road to get rid of. There is nothing wrong with it at all. Love it! 

    Also found our changing table on clearance at Target for $30. 
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  • I got all of our disposable diapers for the first year (obviously based on some math assumptions about weight gain, etc) for about $250 through sales/coupons. My favorite though is the Ergo I paid $57 for at Target and got $40 back in gift cards. Love Target!
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    Thanks to someone's amazing Target PSA posted on here last month, I got a Pack and Play with newborn napper, originally $159 for $85. It was a combination of 20% off any baby item and then 15% off with Cartwheel app for the blue/green "Monroe" pattern. I was so excited because the same PNP was on my BRU registry for $189.

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    All my nursery furniture has been free. Woooo hand me downs! While I didn't personally buy it, my friend and I got about $600 worth of Carter's clothes for $200 thanks to awesome sales and coupons. She was very generous for doing that for my baby! Sales and coupons are my friend lol

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  • Swag bag from motherhood maternity! I got a sling, boppy, car seat cover, and an udder cover - a $200 value- for $50. And then they gave me a ton of promo codes for other websites for more "free" stuff! Just pay s&h.
  • MrsRahl said:

    Got the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair originally $250 for $50 off Craigslist in beautiful condition!

    The Hubs loves that Tripp Trapp, I'll have to tell him to check Craigslist.

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    Too many to count:

    Crib and mattress: $100 (mattress was given to me by SIL, my niece NEVER used her crib, got the crib brand new online, with coupon)

    Dresser - this is an antique and was in my father nursery. I love it! It didn't even need to be refinished - it is in terrific condition

    Stroller travel system - Originally $329, paid $203 including tax. Stacked 20% off, 15% off, 10% off and $10 coupon at Babies r Us.

    I got about 5 diaper covers for $2 each from a consinement shop near me (score!)

    I forgot my co-sleeper for $10 at a consignment sale!

  • Nursery furniture- crib, dresser, and changing table from Craigslist for $100 woooooo!
  • I got a ton of hand-me-downs from older sis, including clothes, activity saucer and toys.

    But our best score so far has been our Dutailier glider & ottoman for $140 on Craigslist. Love CL! I am currently trolling it for used City Mini GTs and a dresser.
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  • My MIL got us our travel system for $30. It was regularly $250. She works at jcPenny so she used her discount plus it was on a huge Graco sale. It's not exactly what I wanted (really wanted a jogging stroller) but I don't care with that kind of deal.
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  • @saltypearl this is why we would make great friends! xo

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  • I got a excellent condition crib + mattress for $50 on a Facebook yardsale site.  I still need to buy a second one, but I already have a mattress and can get the crib for like $100 on Amazon with my completion discount.

    I got a K'tan Breeze for 20% off at BBB (free to me because it was a gift from my mommy), and a maya ring sling (originally $80) in new condition for $15 on a Facebook yardsale site.  I also got 2 gently used RNP sleepers for maybe $50 total and a 1 year old Fisher Price Cradle swing with an AC Adaptor for $50.

    Finally, my grandma bought me a boxy backpack at the PPB sale yesterday, and it came to $105 + shipping.  I think originally it was $180.
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  • I got my Graco car seat for $78 after 25% off plus free shipping on diapers.com. 
    I got a PBK bedding set at a consignment shop for $39. It included the skirt, sheet, bumpers, quilt and mobile. I can easily sell it for twice that on ebay when I'm done. It's in excellent shape and it's nice to have something new for DD2.
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  • DH negotiated a great deal in a new Toyota Sienna last night. With a toddler, a big dog and baby on the way I'm so excited to have a minivan!
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  • Our Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller + extra sun shades, a cold weather bunting thing, mosquito net cover and rain cover all for $350. The metal frame has some tiny scratches you only see if you are really looking for them and in good light.
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  • I need y'all to shop for me! I haven't gotten any bigger discount than my 20% off coupons at BRU and BBB. I'm impulsive and bad at math
  • I got our crib, mattress, and some fitted sheets for it used on kijiji for $100 all together. I then spent around $50 on paint and polyurethane in order to make it the crib I want, so $150 total and I'm very happy with it. 

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  • Definitely my crib and changing table for $100 total (thank you, Craigslist!)

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  • Stroller/car seat combo for $77 on clearance at Kmart down from $129. And I got a bouncer at a consignment shop for $12 and a tummy time mat for $8
  • Ive got a gooood one! I bought almost brand new a Quinny Buzz stroller and Maxi Cosi Infant carseat for under $300 which should retail for around $1000.  I got the stroller at Buy Buy Baby as a floor model for about 65% off and I got the carseat (used but not expired, no accidents) for $60, and a brand new seat cover and canopy for it for $15.  I encourage all mamas to look on their FB and see if there's a neighborhood club that sells EUC baby and kiddo supplies, thats where I found a lot of my bargains!  If you live in TX I can give you some info on where to look :)

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  • nnh7 said:
    I can honestly say that I haven't paid full price for one single thing, yet.

    I got my dresser for 20% off,  crib on sale with a free mattress, and crib sheets all 20% off. I think my ultimate steal was the high chair that I ended paying $39 for, which was originally $139. Between the sale, coupons, and Cartwheel app, I made out like a bandit!
    Congrats on this bargain! What is the Cartwheel app?
  • @potterybygrace‌ - The Cartwheel app is a free Target app for coupons/discounts that you pick and choose which to "load" into your cart. Coupons are only good at Target but are for all kinds of brands.

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  • I scored the chicco stroller caddy I wanted for half the price on CL.  Her baby was 7 months old brought it when she was 3 months old.  It was barely used. 
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  • I love this thread! Bargains make me giddy. :)

    New items:

    Graco car seat/travel system $100 Black Friday Deal

    Graco travel swing $25 Target clearance

    Play mat $14 Target clearance

    Pottery Barn clearance bumper $12

    Used items from yard sales:

    Graco pack n play $20

    Graco high chair $20

    Babycook baby food maker (brand new in box) $5

    Baby Gap clothes 25+ items for $5

    Medela breast milk storage bags, microwave serilizer bags, and cleaning wipes (brand new packages) all 3 for $5

    10+ cute onesies in great condition $0.50 each at a thift store

    Entire maternity wardrobe with over 100 items for $250 (purchased from a friend)

    Boppy covers (I make these myself) a couple of dollars for fabric

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    We got a custom dresser for $200 and my favorite is we got our mini city for free because my hubby had reward points through his work.
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  • I found some good things at a family thrift store: My Breast Friend nursing pillow (brand new) for $3, an almost new baby bjorn for $5. I hated the Bjorn the first time around, but it's the only carrier my husband liked with our son, so I was happy to get it on the cheap. Our old, free hand me down bjorn is buried in a storage unit across the country, so it would've doubly bugged me to re-buy it at retail.
  • Got a box of 210 diapers for 27.99. 

    Sold my breast pump before I new I was pregnant for 40.00$ Found out 2 weeks later we were pregnant and I bought one exactly like it in better condition for 20.00$ So I still made 20 bucks. 


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  • I got the UppaBaby Vista stroller, bassinet, car seat adapter, and all of the accessories for $125 at a yard sale yesterday. Eeeek! I am so excited. This is now my favorite bargain I've gotten so far.
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