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Any Triad Mommies to Be?

Hey! Just wondering if there are any preggos in the Triad! I'm only about 5 weeks right now, just got my positive last week and have already been confirmed by blood test : very excited after 14 months of TTC and one miscarriage. Would love to talk with others in the area.

Re: Any Triad Mommies to Be?

  • I'm not a triad mommy-to-be, but I am a triad mommy of a very wonderful 7 month old. :)
  • Like PP, not a mommy to be, but I do live in the triad and have a 4week old. We, too, had difficulty conceiving...6+ years and a miscarriage. Congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck!
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  • I live outside of Raleigh and am 9 weeks (unless my first ultrasound shows baby is less than that) on Tuesday (1/22).  Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • I know this post is late! But I am a mommy to be 7 weeks! And live in N. Raleigh!

    This is my first, and would love to be able to share experinces!

  • I am a ,mommy to be and I live in Greensboro. I'm 11 weeks today with our first child and extremely excited.
  • im from greensboro just moved to rockingham county not that far in madison. but im 13 weeks. 
  • I live in the CH/Durham area. Where are you? And who's your OB? 
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  • I live in Winston Salem. 4 weeks today, 3/12. EDD 11/19. This is my third, but I am still excited for this new one! Hoping for a girl since I have two boys at home.
    How are you feeling?
    I'm doing pretty well. A little tired, constipated, running to the bathroom quite a bit... Nothing too exciting.
  • Hey, I am about 6 weeks pregnant! I live in Winston. I go to my first appointment April 30th
  • I'm in Winston and just had my first on April 3! Just moved back into the area after several years away and would love to get involved in some mommy groups! Does anyone know of anything?
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