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How was your weekend?

With a lot of people spending time with family this past weekend I thought I would check in. How did your weekend go? Any rants?

Hope you're all doing well.
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Re: How was your weekend?

  • My weekend sucked. I don't know if it was just the holiday or my hormones, but I have been an emotional wreck. On top of this my husband and I are fighting. He's been distant lately, which is what I was afraid of happening. I feel as though I am alone in my grieving.

    On a positive note, I started working out today and went for a pedicure.

  • Working out- wish I could get motivated to get back to the gym. I keep saying I hope that the weather gets nice and I will run outside.  I might not have  that excuse soon.  Yay for spring being here!
  • We had no family plans; we don't do Easter.
    Other people's pregnancy mentioned
    We hung out with some friends Friday night, which was interesting because one of them is six months pregnant. I was totally fine hanging out with her and chatting about pregnancy stuff. We went to see Captain America, and during the really loud part, the baby moved all around. That made me cry. At least it was dark and loud in there, so no one could notice.
    End of pregnancy talk

    Saturday was a blah sort of day, but I spent the evening with a new friend. He was wonderful and really lifted my mood. Sunday was an ok day, nothing too special, but my partner and I did spend some quality time together.

  • it was ok.  we went to the zoo on easter because all our family is elsewhere and i swear every pregnant lady in a 30 mile radius must've been there, because everywhere i turned was an adorable bump that made me feel all stabby.  i feel horrible because of course i don't wish harm or the pain of loss on anyone, but it's so hard to see others with what i lost.
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  • What about you, @EllyD14?

  • Mine has been exhausting. I was up late Firday cleaning. Then Saturday morning/afternoon we did more cleaning and sold all our furniture, so lots of physical labor there. Saturday evening we played Twilight Imperium 3 until 7-8a, when I finally called it quits so I could get at least an hour or two of sleep because my family was going to be there at 10a to take more of our stuff and say goodbye. Then that afternoon we left for my ILs for dinner with the grandparents. It was a very long weekend.

    I'm exhausted and today was just more of the same. I cannot wait until we finally get on the road and are done with packing and selling and sorting and cleaning and going crazy!
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  • We do a lot of running around for the holidays due to my parents being divorced and most family being close by so it was busy.

    Yesterday I just wasn't in the mood for it all but I pushed through. If I could've been home in my pjs with the remote I would've been so much happier though. 
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  • Well, we came home from vacation (boo). But in other news, my first CD1 post d&c showed up on Sunday. I'm actually kind of excited because I really thought it would take a lot longer to come. The sooner I get these first few cycles over with, the sooner we have the option to TTC if we want. Not sure my H is on board with that, though, which I also found out this weekend and is really kind of bumming me out. Hope you get some rest soon, Elly.
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    Saturday night I was able to go to work with my DH. He is a police officer and was able to do a ride along. It was so nice to be able to see what he does and it made me feel better getting to meet some of the guys he works with. On Sunday I was able to sleep in late and then went to my parents house for Easter dinner. 
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