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5k obstacle course?

I just found out that I am 5 weeks along with my 3rd child.  With my first 2 I was not very active during the pregnancy but since then I have tried to become more active in my daily life.  I typically run 20-30 mins/3 times a week but that's about it besides walks around the neighborhood.  I signed up to do an obstacle 5k a couple months ago (thats this weekend) but now I'm pregnant and worried about doing it.  I already have a call into my OBGYN to see what he says but I was just wondering your opinions!  Thanks!

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  • If you think you can handle it then it's fine I guess. Like, if you don't have any health conditions that might hinder you from running. But then it's always better to be cautious especially you're pregnant. Walks are better than running for me.
  • I'd make my decision based on the obstacles. Lots of mud= chance of slipping and falling, so a no go there. Also, the electric shock wires like at the tough mudder races would definitely be a no.
    I'm not a fan of obstacle races personally and would never run one, but they do serve a purpose to get people off the couch and exercising!

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  • It would depend on the obstacles.  I would be worried about slipping.  The running part is totally fine!
  • I'm signed up for the Tough Mudder (12 miles) in July.  I haven't decided 100% if I am in or out.  If I do it, there will be several obstacles I will skip.


    I think you just need to be smart about it and if all else fails, just run the 5k and skip the obstacles

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