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Just a few questions, I plan on going to the doctor on Monday but wondering if anyone has insight to get through the weekend.

DD has had a weird rash that appears occasionally when she eats dinner, goes away about an hour or two later and doesn't seem to bother her. The area around her mouth gets red and a little bit puffy. This happened again today right after eating some carrots sprinkled with cinnamon.

I think it was the cinnamon. I read that contact dermatitis is a typical reaction to cinnamon. She eats lots of cinnamon and I never notice a problem if it is mixed in foods only when it is sprinkled on top. Should I avoid cinnamon completely?

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  • I don't think it would hurt to avoid cinnamon until you talk with the doctor. What you described happening around DD's mouth does sound like some sort of allergic reaction. A few days without shouldn't hurt.
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  • A lot of kids will have a contact reaction to foods like cinnamon, sesame and a few other foods. My boys both used to get redness around their mouths after eating cinnamon. My friend's allergist said if the reaction lasts less than an hour, goes away and doesn't get worse, it's more likely just a contact reaction rather than an allergy and that it's OK to give the food but just wipe their skin off well after they eat it.

    For one of my boys, after a year or so, he started getting eczema patches after eating cinnamon, so for him it turned into an allergy but for my other son it was just a contact reaction that he gradually outgrew. (That son is allergic to tree nuts and eggs so he has his own food allergy issues though!)
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