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Standing on ankles...

I noticed awhile back when my baby was in her jumper that she would turn on her ankles a lot. She also would even stand with her toes curled all the way under. This didn't concern me at the time because I figured that it was just because she wasn't bearing all of her weight. Now that she is starting to pull her self up on things and stand, she is doing the same thing and I am a bit concerned. She CAN stand flat footed but the majority of the time she is either up on her tip toes or she turns her ankles and stands on the sides of her feet...This is my first baby so I don't have anything to compare to. Do you think this is the first signs of an issue or is this something babies do and eventually learn to stand correctly?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Standing on ankles...

  • How old?  I'd be more concerned with a 12month old doing that regularly than with a 9month old doing it.

    How often is she doing it compared to not doing it?  Is she barefoot when doing it or in some type of shoes? 


  • They start out by doing this but then correct themselves to stand flatfooted instead of on tippy toes
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