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Best children book for guest book?

I would like to use a children's book for a friend's Baby shower as a guest book. I am looking for a children's book where there is enough white on the pages to write small comments, names. Any suggestions? How about the hungry caterpillar?

Re: Best children book for guest book?

  • I would go with something that is meaningful to you and or your friend instead of soemthing that has lots of white space.
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  • What about 'Corduroy'?  There is plenty of space to sign, although it's navy blue not white, but if you found the right pen it shouldn't be a problem.  Such a classic story almost everyone remembers from their own childhood.   
  • I'd suggest a larger book that will grow with a child like Where The Sidewalk Ends
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  • Another vote for "Where The Sidewalk Ends" or "The Giving Tree."
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  • If she's having a boy (although it might work for a girl too) you could do "I Love You, Forever".  It's about a mother's love for her son through the years, and has lots of white space.  Dr. Suess is always a good bet too.
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