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Greetings fit momma's! I just discovered this board and am really excited to have done so. As you can tell by my screen name, I am a runner. I would normally say a long distance runner, but these days, that is far from the case. A brief background: My DH and I started TTC last March, by December my OB/GYN sent me for testing and everything came back fine so she referred us to an RE, once there we realized DH had low everything, in her words, "we could've kept on trying for who knows how long." Two fertility fueled cycles and one IUI later, BFP! Hooray! But, right off the bat I was coming in low on things so my RE has wanted to be overly cautious about my activity level. Since getting that positive beta # I've had a week of rest because of a SCH (that thankfully absorbed on its own), then told no more than 3 miles at a time. So I had to drop down from the 10k to the 5k I had planned to run this past weekend and I had to defer my half next month to next year. I'm not complaining though, I would stop running all together if she told me too, just to have this LO. :)

Anyway, long story short, I'm excited to find like-minded, fitness loving momma's to share this adventure with. I'm hoping to live vicariously through your longer miles and get tips and tricks along the way. (I am holding out hope this activity restriction will be lifted once I've hit the 2nd tri)
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