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When to put LO in his own room

My DS will be 4 months old next week and we want to start prepping for sleep training. I notice that a lot if people start doing it at this age, but can it be started if he's still sleeping in our room? I thought the AAP recommends that babies be in the parents' bedroom until 6 months? Should I start with just naps in his own room to get him uses to that and his crib? Thanks so much fellow mamas!

Re: When to put LO in his own room

  • Try playtime and naps first to get him used to the room. 

    You can move him into his own room whenever you like. Mine was in his own room at 6 weeks old. I know others have had them in their own room from day one. Its helpful if you have a video monitor to keep tabs on them without being in the room with them.
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  • Basically you make your own judgement call, whenever you feel ready (and like LO is ready) you can move them over and like pp said monitors are helpful. My LO has been in his crib since 8 weeks because he moved around a lot (and kept me awake) and the crib gave him space to do it and allowed me a better sleep too. Everyone is different though, and you are right, the aap recommends 6 months. Some parents keep their kids in their room for much longer than that.
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  • We put LO in his room around 10 weeks. He was waking up because he kept banging his arms against the bassinet sides. And I was also going back to work after 12 weeks maternity leave and wanted him to be able to stay asleep if he was still sleeping when I'd get ready for work.

    It all depends on your level of comfort. Some people come home from the hospital and baby sleeps in his/her own room right away!

    Our condo is pretty small and we always use the monitor so I have never been worried. 
  • We moved him at 5 weeks. He was already too big for his bassinet and the crib would have taken up too much space in our master bedroom.

    As far as sleep training, you shouldn't start that until 6 months. Unless you want to try something gentle like No Cry Sleep Solution, in which case you can use some of those methods at 4 months.
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  • Our LO has been in the crib in his own room since 6 weeks, and like others have said, we all got better sleep as a result. It's not recommended to officially sleep train til 6 months, but now is a great time to move him into his own room and practice sleeping in the crib at least for naps. Make changes a little at a time, otherwise you'll likely regret it.

    If you do want to "prep" for sleep training like you said (not sure exactly what you mean by that), one thing we have done is start teaching LO to fall asleep on his own. He had previously always been rocked and held to fall asleep. I started putting him down drowsy but awake 4 weeks ago, just for naps, and our hard work has really paid off. Nowadays he usually falls asleep within 15 minutes of me putting him down, although I do stand there helping him stay calm, keep his paci in his mouth, rubbing his belly, and playing white noise. 

    Once they learn to fall asleep on their own, they're much more likely to sleep well at night because they can put themselves back to sleep in the MOTN when they wake up.

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  • We moved LO to his own room at 10 weeks. I wanted to transition him to a crib before I went back to work after 12 weeks maternity leave. He's a pretty good sleeper he only gets up once a night and after his bottle and new diaper I let him fall asleep on his own. He usually babbles to himself for a min or two then he's back to sleep.
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  • I was wondering about this too. I've had my LO in the crib since 4weeks, but we had moved the crib into own room so we could watch him easily. Now his 5months and we're trying to see how we feel about moving him into his own room.
  • Truthfully you are the best judge of when to put your little one in his/her room. Once my baby was too big for her bassinet around 2-3 months I had to put her in her crib and she did just fine! Believe it or not you will probably miss her more then she misses you! The first few nights can be challenging because they may wake up a few times in a new environment, but it is a fairly easy transition. If your baby sleeps with you, lay a Tshirt flat on their mattress so they have your scent. This helps!
  • DD has just about outgrown her RnP so we will be trying out the crib on Monday (she's 14 weeks old). She's only napped in it for short periods of time. I get anxiety just thinking about not having her beside me at night but I guess it has to happen!
  • We moved our little guy into his crib around 10 weeks.  I wanted to transistion him to the crib before I went back to work at 12 weeks,  He's been there ever since. 

  • Our house is tiny. We never had our LOs on our room. We had both in the living room which is right outside of our bedroom in bassinets until they were 3-4 weeks old then transitioned them to their bedroom.
    As for sleep training, I'd likewise be hesitant to try anything until 6 months. We didn't do it w DD1 until 8-9 months. We usually put DD 2 down drowsy but awake. There are times I nurse her to sleep or she falls asleep in my or DH's or DCP's arms. We just go with the flow at this point. (She's three months old.)
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  • Thank you all for your  input, it's greatly appreciated! We're going to start putting our little man in his crib for naps and go from there.  I'm already kind of anxious and sad just thinking of him away from me, but it needs to be done eventually and DH and I also need our sleep! Enjoy your LOs!!
  • My LO has been in her own room since she was about 2 months old (almost 5 months now)....I kept her in her pack n' play napper but realized soon i could NOT sleep in the same room as her because of all the noises she made while sleeping! Every little noise was felt like i needed to jump up and grab her and I was miserable because I wasn't sleeping. I decided to move her into her crib and the first 2 nights she fought it a little bit but ever since then it has been smooth sailing. She sleeps through the night and me and my hubby have OUR space back. It's all up to what you believe is good for you though. Every family is different!
  • I didn't even know there was a recommended time frame for them to sleep in your room!! Our LO has slept in his own crib in his own room since the second night we brought him home from the hospital. Granted that room is directly across from ours so we hear any little movement.  I'm glad we did it that way.  First off I could not sleep with him in our room, I just laid awake waiting for him to make any sound.  Also I really wonder if doing that is what helped him get into such a good sleeping routine.  He was sleeping 8 hours straight at 2 months and has been sleeping 10 or 11 hours straight since he was just shy of 3 months.
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