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Help! Leaking Fuzzibunz!

Hi!  My 2 year old DD has been cloth diapered since she was about 6 months old.  We have always used Fuzzibunz one size pocket diapers.  They worked wonderfully until about 2 months ago when they started leaking like crazy!  Some of the diapers' liners were worn, so we tossed those, but the ones with liners intact are still leaking.  We started doubling the inserts during her naps, but after 2 hrs, she was soaked.  We changed more often during the day, but once again, 2 hrs into it, she was soaking wet.  We have adjusted the tightness around her thighs and switched how tight we snap them, with no luck.  Does anyone have any advice?  We have completely given up at this point, but I would like to either find a way to get this stash to work, or purchase a new one for her and my DS to use once he is out of prefolds.  I would also love recommendations on good brands to purchase if we decide to go that route.  Thanks so much!
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Re: Help! Leaking Fuzzibunz!

  • If they are soaked, you need more absorbency.  It doesn't surprise me because FB inserts suck for absorbency.  Try stuffing with some of YS's prefolds and see how they do.  It's probably an absorbency problem not a fit issue.

    Agreed. I hated the inserts and switched to bamboo. Now I love the fit.

    Switch the inserts completely. Make sure you have a good fit on the legs and waist. And make sure you aren't over stuffing and causing gaps.
  • A 2 year old can pee quite a bit at one time.  I would agree with stuffing them with something more absorbent.  Bamboo, hemp, or prefolds.
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  • I agree with more absorbency, also you probably need to change every two hours, anyway. (But hopefully not because of a leak!)
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  • I agree with PPs - this definitely sounds like an absorbency issue. If the inserts are soaked, they are no longer absorbent enough for your LO. This is pretty common with toddlers. I haven't used microfiber with DD since she was about a year old due to the lack of absorbency.
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  • Even if you switch to regular microfiber, you will probably see a difference. I tried using one of my old FB minky inserts as a doubler the other day, and it was like it wasn't even there. He soaked through it in less than 2 hours, whereas we can get at least 3 hours out of two MF inserts and 4 out of cotton/hemp blends.


  • Thank you guys so much!  We attempted the prefolds this evening and so far, no leaks!!!  Yay!  New inserts sure beats a whole new stash!
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