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How did you meet your DH/SO?

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I recently read a post about how one of our F14 ladies met their DH and loved reading about it! So, I thought it would be a fun thread to dedicate to this. how did you come to be a family? How did you meet? Disclaimer: I attempted a search on the topic and didn't come up with anything so I apologize if this is in anyway redundant. I met my DH playing in an adult dodgeball league. We were never on the same team but saw each other at games and out afterwards. We chatted on occasion until one day, a year later, he asked me for my number. Then texted me two weeks later. He is one lucky SOB that I even responded to this! Sadly, this seemed to be the new dating method. Turns out that he had a crush on me since we first met but he was dating someone at the time so he didn't make a move until his relationship ended. Timing was right anyhow since I was grieving the loss of my late fiance and was no where near ready to begin a serious relationship at that time. After a year of casually running into each other, I decided to be open to the idea of new love. So glad I took a chance on him; I believe he was sent from heaven. We dated for 9 months when we got engaged since we both knew this was true love. We are married for 3.5 years now and have two under two now. Any takers? Edited to provide further clarification
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Re: How did you meet your DH/SO?

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  • Yes @ramfan05‌ it was you and @ziggy903‌ that were my inspiration ☺️
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  • anji1820 said:

    I'll admit it- eharmony! I know 2 other couples who are now married who met the same way! We got married a year after we met and then got pregnant with LO a month after.

    No shame! I know some very successful online matches!
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  • In college...we were both freshmen on the cross country team, so we meant the first day on campus. We started dating september of our sophomore year.

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  • LOVE the stories ladies! Thanks for sharing!
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    I love reading everyone's stories :)

    DH and I worked together in an auto parts store. He was my manager and I had a BF. That relationship was in the beginning stages of becoming emotionally abusive (didn't see it myself at the time, of course). After a particularly bad fight I was venting to another coworker and he overheard. It was enough to make him concerned and he asked me to lunch to talk about it. DH ended up saving me from that guy after the breakup when he started stalking me. He would show up all over the place. I was on the phone with him one time when I pulled into my driveway and ex yanked open my car door. I managed to get it closed again, but couldn't leave. DH heard everything, grabbed one of his roommates and hauled ass to get to me. He and my dad almost beat the ever-living crap out of him!

    A little while after that we started dating. We had been together a couple of months when HR found out about us. Still don't know know how. I thought we had kept it pretty discreet. Anyway, he was written up and I got transferred. We moved in after about six months and were together almost five years before he proposed (though he says he had the ring for over a year)! Married 15 months later and celebrated 13 years in March (8 married) :)
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  • Meteorology students at college were arranging car pools for a storm chase day. As an inexperienced freshman, I was put in a car with DH as the driver and another upperclassman. I learned valuable chasing lessons (ie don't get caught on a road with no way to whip a fast u-turn and let DH navigate cause I suck with directions). We started dating the following spring

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