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Baby measuring big…!

So, at 21 week u/s, the tech said baby was large at 1 pound with a large head circumference. Today for OB checkup, I'm measuring at 28 weeks (uterine measurement). I am just slightly scared the baby is not human. (JK). I am having a Csection this time around so it shouldn't be an issue, but was just wondering if anyone else was surprised by measurements around this timeframe?

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  • With DS at 18 week u/s, I was measuring 19w6 days-so almost two weeks ahead. My ob then never said his guesstimate weight or told me how many weeks ahead I was measuring, mostly because I was freaking out about being physically able to have a baby naturally after my first traumatic experience. He was 9lb2.5oz at birth!
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  • I don't trust those measurements anymore.

    They told me my son would be a 10lb baby.... he wasn't even 8!  Try not to put too much stock in it :-)

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  • My little guy measured 1 week ahead of schedule.
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  • My lil man is measuring a week or more ahead. His daddy was a giant baby (over 10lbs) and I was pretty large too (8.7lbs) so I was prepared for this!
  • Eh, I wouldn't pay any attention to it until your kid is out in the world and they can measure it exactly. My OB was CONVINCED my youngest was going to be 10+ pounds, I was also measuring large, and he came out at 8 pounds 8 ounces. As she took him out she even said, "Well, looks like I was wrong about this one."


    Same. I believe my doctor explained that they can be 2 lbs lighter or heavier at birth based on the
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  • Basically what the others said. The measurements can be off by 2 weeks in either direction. My SIL just had baby #2 in March and he was consistently measuring 6 days ahead and they were predicting he was going to be BIG (she even had to go for and extra u/s to check measurements). He was born about a week early (so technically on time based on measurements) but was only a little over 8 lbs. Definitely not a huge baby like they anticipated. 

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  • I do not trust those measurements at.all. My sis in law had multiple u/s bc baby was measuring large and head circumstance was measuring large. She had baby boy last week at 39w 6d and he was 7 lb 4 oz which just so happens to be the smallest baby in our date. Yes it's cool to see the baby in the u/s but it also caused her concern and a bit if anxiety that she was going to give birth and possibly be faced wih a c section bc she had giant baby. Why do they give these "measurements" when, so often, they're way off?
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