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**Monday Ticker Change**

Good Morning, Ladies! Happy Monday! We are getting close now!


How are you feeling?



GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it?
Charlotte June, Born May 29, 2014
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Re: **Monday Ticker Change**

  • Good morning! I slept like shit, how about everyone else?

    Week/Fruit: 37 / Winter Melon? WTF is a winter melon?

    How are you feeling? Swollen, tired, and starting to feel like nesting again. 

    Appointments/Updates? Appt on Tuesday. I've decided I'll let them do cervical checks, just because I'm curious. If they hurt or are too uncomfortable, I'll decline having more. Baby is head down, yay!

    Rants/Raves: Rave - Nursery is done aside from hanging up wall decor! I'm working on a finishing up some dinosaur paintings now, but it's really hard to paint with all of the swelling and carpal tunnel. Frequent breaks are totally necessary. Rant - FUCK this carpal tunnel! 

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? We didn't take one. There was just too much going on, and money is a little tight as we just bought a house and were working on having our savings squared away before I quit my job and baby arrives. We are planning a trip later this year with baby though!

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  • seriously - ARE WE THERE YET?!?!?!?

    Week/Fruit: 37/winter melon...wtf is a winter melon?

    How are you feeling? swollen and grumpy. trying to put on a good front to keep DH in good spirits. no use in both of us being in bad moods all the time.

    Appointments/Updates? Centering tonight. last week was 36 week appt: according to MW, my cervix was beginning to soften and Peanut is dropping. the pregnancy waddle is in full effect, and everything is swollen. 

    Rants/Raves: rant: swollen everything - especially hands, cheeks, and ankles. rave: almost there!!

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? we went on a cruise over Christmas to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. I don't really like cruises, but it was nice to get away one last time.

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  • Week/Fruit: 35/coconut

    How are you feeling? pretty good--I have a butt sticking into my ribs, lol, but other than that, I feel fine.

    Appointments/Updates? No appointment this week--next week I have the group b swab and my first cervical check. Eeek! Last week I found out via ultrasound that baby flipped from breech to head down. Yay! Now I just have to hope she stays that way.

    Rants/Raves: I'm getting my car seat checked by the PA State Police this morning. Hopefully they can help me get it strapped in a bit tighter.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? We didn't take a full vacation, but we did spend a weekend in the mountains at our cabin. It was fun--we went hiking (mostly flat trails for me, though, since it's hard lugging all this extra weight up a mountain!) had a campfire, looked for wildlife, and I napped and DH fished.
    Charlotte June, Born May 29, 2014
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  • Week/Fruit: 36 weeks, Honeydew Melon

    How are you feeling?
    Does "meh" count as a feeling? I just feel ... heavy. It's like my back and feet can't take anymore weight, they give up around 2 pm most days. But it gives me a great excuse to lie down and do nothing.

    Appointment tomorrow, at my one last week I was completely average on everything, as always.

    Rave: The weather was AMAZING this weekend. It was nice. Since September I've been expecting a "Spring Baby" so when the weather is nice like this, it makes me so excited that it's basically time for him to come!

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it?
    We did not take a babymoon, we spent the money we would have spent on that on re-doing our bathroom instead. Which I benefit from the new soaker tub multiple times a week, those are like mini-vacations (we did not have a bathtub before).
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  • Week/Fruit:
    35 weeks, coconut

    How are you feeling?
    Not ready!

    Appointment in a week, then weekly.  Last elective ultrasound next week also.

    I am so late to maternity pics but we are doing them this week. FInally!  Baby just has to stay put.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it?
    We did with DS1, not this time around.
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  • Additional Rave: boss is out on personal day today, so I will be taking a very liberal approach to office hours. FTW!!

  • Week/Fruit: 37/Winter Melon

    How are you feeling? Feeling a bit exhausted, but for the most part still feel like myself. I have been getting these pains under my ribs still, my OB says its from my uterus stretching and pulling on my muscles, ouch! 

    Appointments/Updates? Weekly appointments now, next one is this Friday. Last week at my 36 weeks I had my final u/s and baby is measuring on track.

    Rants/Raves: Raves: We have gotten approval to start renovations on our new home! I cannot wait for us to finally start today. The place won't be ready for 7-8 weeks but happy that construction will begin. Rants: I feel like I have no time to do anything with only 3+ weeks left. Because we are moving I can't really get any baby stuff set up yet. Our current place is a disaster area. We will have to have LO sleep in the bassinet of the pack & play for the first month, but barely have room for that in our bedroom.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? Yes, we went to Hawaii (Oahu & Kauai) in mid February and it was amazing! It seemed like so long ago...who knows when the next time we'll get to go back is..
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  • Week/Fruit:  34/ don't know

    How are you feeling?  tired, sore, and cranky

    Appointments/Updates? not until next week

    Rants/Raves: :) :DH's family shower was great this weekend, and we're ordering the rest of our baby shopping list items today! Baby class at the hospital tonight which should be fun. :( :after it being beautiful all weekend long, it's supposed to snow today. Mother Nature is an asshole.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it?  HA! no
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  • Week/Fruit:37 weeks/winter melon (never heard of one)

    How are you feeling? I feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball in my abdomen and it is continuously spinning around in there.  Other than that I actually feel fine when BH isn't making me tight as a drum and doing my breathing exercises.  

    Appointments/Updates?  37 week appt with the MW this Thursday, I'll get the results of the Group B strep test. 


    Rants: My dog accidentally scratched the underside of my belly last Thursday HOLY HELL it hurt.  I was crying from the stinging, this whole weekend I had to gently pull my underwear and pants over my stomach else I was going to cry from how sensitive the scratched area was.  Damn thinned skin.

    Raves: This Thursday is my LAST day of work.  On leave after that!!!!  Woo hoo.  Also went and bought all the needed things off my BRU registry, the 15% completion coupon was pretty handy, also got to use a 20% off one item coupon.  This weekend I'm hitting up Buy Buy Baby to finish off my registry over there.  BRU didn't have the bottle set that we wanted so BBB it is and I have like three 20% off one item coupons on top of the 10% completion coupon. 

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it?  We were planning a get away to a friend's cabin in Yosemite, but we just didn't have enough time to do so.  So I think we just may take a day and enjoy ourselves some where nice. 
  • Week/Fruit: 34/not sure

    How are you feeling? Not bad, considering.

    Appointments/Updates? I'm on Glyburide now & getting twice weekly antepartum testing. I got a surprise ultrasound on Friday, I guess I'll bet getting one every Friday from now on! At 34 weeks you don't get that adorable full body picture like you do at 20, but I did get to see Henry's little face! He has chubby cheeks :D

    Also I was told that if I don't go into labor on my own by my due date (which is now May 23, according to Kaiser) they will induce me. I know there are several methods of induction, so I'm holding out hope that I don't get Pitocin'd. Maaaaybe I'll go into labor on my own before that! It sounds defeatist but I feel if I'm on Pitocin, I will not be able to "trust" the pain the way I would have with natural labor. And without that trust, I think the pain will get on top of me. So now I'm getting myself used to this new scenario, with pain meds & a longer labor in the hospital. I'm sad, I really wanted the experience and surprise of going into labor and the "Honey, it's time" vs. "OK so show up at 6am on Monday, lay in our bed for 24 hours."

    Rants/Raves: :( We owe the IRS $1800. We thought filing an extension would give us until October to pay it but it turns out if you owe, you have to pay by April 15, extension or not! DINK problems. :) It's spring break so no Spanish class this week.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? No. We thought we didn't have enough money and when we realized we did have enough I was too tired to do anything.

    H e n r y  May 21, 2014

  • Week/Fruit: 37/Winter melon? :-/

    How are you feeling? Having back pain, a bit swollen. Started having some sharp pains, feels like LO is punching her way through down there.

    Appointments/Updates? Tomorrow. Last Weds I was 70% effaced. We will see what tomorrow brings. I also have my last birthing class on Weds.

    Rants/Raves: Rant: How do teachers possible manage writing lesson plans for a month+? It is ridiculous! Not to mention, I have to do them for K-8th grade.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? We did not. We were invited to a destination wedding in October. We are still up in the air about going, but wanted to have the money in case we decide to go.

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  • Week/Fruit: 36/honeydew melon

    How are you feeling? Ok. Still a lot of pelvic pain and I'm just supremely uncomfortable.

    Appointments/Updates? Had my last prenatal appt today. Csection is scheduled for next Monday! Can't believe it's already only 7 days away!

    Rants/Raves: rave: I made it to 36 weeks!! I never thought I'd make it this far with my history. I can't wait to meet my babies!
    Rant: I'm so ready to be out of pain and be able to breathe again!

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? We didn't take a baby moon. We didn't have the money for it.
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  • Week/Fruit: 37/Winter melon (wut?)

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good. Cankles are new. Super sexy.

    Appointments/Updates?: Had my weekly appt today - no change since last week. Baby has started to drop, but it's still Fort Knox down there.

    Rants/Raves: :D Made a to-do list for everything I'd like to get done before baby comes, and we're actually getting things checked off. Everything we HAVE to do is done though, so that feels nice. :-w I wish I had started my maternity leave earlier. I would really like to have at least a week off to get everything on my list done. As it is my last day is the Friday before my due date.

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it?: We took a pseudo-babymoon. I got a Groupon for a hotel in Chicago, where DH's brother lives. We did some sight-seeing, ate lots of deep dish pizza, and went to see the new Hobbit move with my brother-in-law and his wife. It was a nice long weekend. 
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  • edited April 2014
    Sorry for formatting!!! Week/fruit: 37! Winter melon Feeling: I feel pretty good overall. I seem to be coming down with either a cold or more sinus issues. Last night I was up every two hours thanks to my bladder and sore throat (from drainage). Yay. Appointments: next one is Thursday, and I believe I will have a cervix check. I was going to put them off until 39 weeks, but the crotch pain I have had lately has me curious as to whether I am progressing yet. I was induced high, closed, and tight at 41 weeks with DS1, and didn't have much crotch pain with him. Lol. Rants/raves: none Babymoon: nope
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  • JAM85JAM85 member
    Week/Fruit: 35/coconut

    How are you feeling? Ok energy ok, nausea and food aversion sucks- threw up twice in the last 3 days after a good streak of none, stressed about finances

    Appointments/Updates? She is.still.breech and I cried about it today. One thing about being high risk is I have people reminding me twice a week that she still is despite me doing various things every day to try to turn her. BUT she is very healthy! I do have my ob this Thursday and expect to talk about it.

    Rants/Raves: breech- ack- turn baby!!!

    GTKY: Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go/how was it? Or honeymoon was scheduled for December from our September wedding (yep found out a week before) so we combined the two- it ws in Eleuthera, Bahamas and it was fantastic!
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