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Parenting achievement unlocked

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Dh and I will sometimes joke about how parenting should have levels and achievements, like a video game.

Last night I unlocked (finished, for those who don't play games) a new achievement-- I got both children bathed, in bed, and asleep ON TIME, with no crying and spitting up (DD) or crying and tantrums (DS).

I failed to unlock the "two kids in a photo with the Easter bunny" achievement yesterday. DS was afraid of it.

What achievements have you guys unlocked? Have you gone shopping with child(ren) alone? Have you gotten baby to sleep somewhere other than your arms?

Remember achievements can be big or small! Share what you've done lately.

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Re: Parenting achievement unlocked

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  • Went away Thursday to Sunday. No epic meltdowns. And I didn't forget anything.
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  • The big and I had dentist appointments this morning. Had to bring the little. We all made it out alive.

    I canceled my dentist appointment this am b/c I was too scared to do it alone with 2 kids so I am really impressed!






  • LO survived the weekend with the grands and I survived the weekend without my baby (and managed to not get a hangover)

    I'm glad it went well!

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  • Yesterday my DH was on his way out with us to church when he got paged since he's on call. BAM! We are now out here alone! It was like Sonic and Tails... Mario and Luigi... Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong... Me and DD1 handled the thing! We went to church and I only managed to spill a little bit of powered formula on the floor while making a bottle. This would be the first time since she's been born DD2 woke up on church.

    Then we hit up the market. I pushed the cart and DD1 pushed the stroller. She lost is points because she ran over the back of my ankle with the stroller but DD1 redeemed the points by pushing the stoller and feeding DD2 a bottle at the same time without any accidents.

    High score... A complement in line about how helpful DD1 must be with the baby. Instead of her usual scowl DD1 smiled sweetly while I engaged the lady "Yes, she's been such a big help, I'm so thankful!"
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  • I survived the first public meltdown. DH, MIL, LO and her great grandma all went out to dinner and LO lost it. She was tired and just not having it. After some fussing I got her to relax and stop crying. I am sure I thought it was worse than it really was but I survived! Oh and I survived my MIL's weekend visit. That is a whole other accomplishment!

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  • We made it to church yesterday and back home without having to nurse (not that I mind at all!)! Also, failed at getting boys to nap in crib Saturday so took them shopping and they slept the whole time--3 hours!
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  • Watched all 5 kids at the YMCA family fun pool and lo nursed while I waded w dd. Unlocked the: NO one even almost drowned. :) but may actual just got a BSC badge because really! Lol
    @mamahollywood27 also your H lost 10 lives because of this.  ;) 
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  • We call them baby hacks. Like when you figure out if you hold baby just the right way he will stop crying just long enough to fall asleep.

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  • Achievements unlocked! Care Taker: taken the baby and both dogs to the vet alone!
    Achievements unlocked! Super Soaker: shoot breast-milk 18 or more inches!

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  • I unlocked "multi-tasker"...I breast fed LO whilst blow drying and straightening my hair, just propped her on a cushion on my lap, sat cross legged on the floor and dropped a boob into her mouth. Thought she might be bothered by the hair dryer but she was hungry and couldn't care less as long as there was a boob in her mouth lol
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