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Baby weight...

Hello everyone!

Has everyone lost their baby weight? I am feeling embarrassed that I have not lost much at all. I am kinda feeling down about it. I tried doing weight watchers but I am not focused. I have been very stressed between being a full time working mom, wife, etc. I only go to gym 1-2x if any...

Just looking for any advice or how you ladies are or have handled your baby weight?

Re: Baby weight...

  • LisaLisa1980LisaLisa1980 member
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    I dropped a lot of it from walking all summer last yr plus BF. Slacked off this winter and am now getting back into it. Only about 6 lbs away from pre-baby weight but I'd like to lose a total of 17 more lbs.

    Walking in the morning with DS, I do some squats while pushing him on the swing (I play peek a boo sort of so it doesn't look weird), then at night when he's in bed I do a work out video. Currently doing the "tone it up beach babe 2"

    DS eats very healthy, as he's not allowed any junk, which makes it a bit easier for us to eat well too. Chicken, steamed veggies for dinner. Tons & tons of water. Like 2-4L a day for me. Lots of fruit.

    I try not to make it about "losing weight" but more about feeling good, fitting into nice clothes, living a more healthy, positive life. Eating like crap makes me feel horrible so that's my motivation.
  • I am 8lb below my pre pregnancy weight from my second child but I have never gotten down to my prepregnancy weight from my first child. I have to count calories to lose weight. Working out keeps from gaining but it doesn't help me lose. I have another 20lb to go.

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  • I weigh more now than when I was pregnant (but I do have PCOS and had gestational diabetes so that does and didn't help). So far in 6 months I haven't lost anything, but I haven't gained either.
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  • Oooh you're the author??? Nice work!
  • Ok... That made me cry
  • I used the myfitnesspal app to log what I was eating. I know it's hard to even find time to eat as a mom, but you have to eat so you have the energy to do all that's required of you! My brother is a trainer and said diet is 85% of weight loss. I ate a lot of grilled chicken (or store bought rotisserie chicken), boiled or steamed veggies, oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt. Stay away from processed and fat-free stuff. Buy full fat Greek yogurt and sweeten with fruit and cinnamon. Drink a lot of water and indulge in a cheat meal once a week. Take the stairs when possible, walk as often as you can, and maybe check out the insanity videos. I could barely do 5 minutes when I started, but after a month or so was able to finish (with breaks!). Those videos work. If you can do 10-15 one minute bursts throughout your day/night (jump squats for a minute in the am, running in place as fast as you can for a minute before breakfast, fast jumping jacks in the afternoon, etc) - you don't have to do 30-40 minutes straight to see results. Check out Chalene Johnson on Instagram - she has great 15 second videos of exercises. But most importantly, don't be hard on yourself. These little changes, over time, will produce results. Your body is amazing - it created life!
  • My DH got me a Jawbone UP bracelet (because I asked, not as a hateful hint) and it has really helped me to hold myself accountable to MOVE throughout the day, especially at work. I like it, because I can see what I am doing and do things that are comfortable for me. 

    I've lost the weight, but it took me 9 months of focus to really get with it. 
  • I've been doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (facebook support group and free youtube vids), & highly recommend that. Love the short, sweet workouts that really build muscle. My son is 23lbs and I was having a hard time with basic things like fighting him on diaper changes, lifting him into the car seat, and chasing my older toddler on top of that. I'm sure as hell not wearing a bikini, but I do feel stronger, faster, and more energetic. :) I've also been drinking Almond Milk and eating more vegetables, and trying to get more sleep!
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  • VirgoneVirgone member
    I have lost most of it (except 7-8 remaining pounds). I am breastfeeding so I don't see how I can cut out any more than I'm eating now. And I eat A LOT to keep my milk supply up. It's helped me to start running again and lifting weights. 
  • I am a couple pounds under my pre pregnancy weight.  I was lucky and felt pretty darn good after my c-section.  I am the director at a fitness facility so that keeps me motivated and then also just the need to be healthy for my little man.  Now that the weather is nice again I take him out in the stroller or go for bike rides with him in his cart.  Otherwise I'm up early in the mornings getting my workout done on my treadmill in my basement (thank goodness for DVR to entertain me).  I don't always like it but I'm always happy when I'm done with it.  A few years before getting prego I had lost 50lbs so I was scared of not losing the baby weight but have been lucky to get it all gone with some hard work.
  • Yeah, I am still somewhere in the middle. I've lost about 20 lbs, but still have about 20 lbs left to go and DD will be a year old on 7/6! If I am being honest, I haven't really tried that hard to lose the remainng weight. I felt like focus was needed else where, but now that the 1 year mark is rapidly approaching I am starting to wish I had tried a little harder, but I am not about to do anything insane or drastic. I know it's just a matter of making healthful food choices and portion control. I know I will get there and you will too. : )
  • emod10emod10 member
    I haven't lost anything since the first couple weeks post partum and he'll be one on Friday (205 lbs; 10 lbs to go and then 10 more from the first baby who turns 3 in Sept). However, I've raced two 5ks and three half marathons in the past year, am in love with my road bike, and eat about 85% whole unprocessed foods (especially since my celiac disease diagnosis). I'm attributing the stubborn weight to the crazy amount of stress I've encountered this past year.

    But I'm still wearing my swimsuit (thanks, Spanx, for this awesomeness) at the pool bc it's effing hot out and I know I'm doing the best I can.
  • @KARBloomquist‌ your article is wonderful. Beautiful message that all women need to be reminded of from time to time. Thanks!
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