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what's in your diaper bag?

I've come to find our diaper bag a bit redundant. It's basically a toy holder when we go out with some diapers in it, so for the spring/summer, I'm condensing my purse and his stuff into a big, nicer, tote bag. I'm currently carrying my purse plus his diaper bag and it's too much.

I have about 5 diapers, travel wipes, change pad, wet bag, 1 wash cloth, hand wipes for him and separate ones for us, bibs, spoon, mum-mum

what are you guys carrying in your diaper bags?

Re: what's in your diaper bag?

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    Diapers, wipes, disposable changing pads (for places I don't want to use the nicer one), the nicer changing pad, backup clothes, a toy or two, formula, bottles, bottled water, a bib, bags to put dirty diapers in, diaper cream, pacifier, hand sanitizer, maybe some other stuff I am forgetting

    ETA: When we just go out for an hour or so, I have a small handbag that I have a few diapers, wipes, formula, a bottle, bottled water, and a pacifier in. But we use the regular bag when we are out for the day.
  • When we're gone for long periods: 4-5 diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra pacifier, tylenol, gas drops, napkins, burp cloths, extra bibs, and extra set of clothes, socks, small toys, snacks, sippy cup with water. 

    When we're just running to the store, I put travel wipes, a diaper and her snack container in my purse.

    I'd love to consolidate and put everything in a larger tote/purse. I too, carry both that diaper bag and my large purse and it gets to be so cumbersome trying to carry those plus DD. 
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  • Man, you guys carry a lot of stuff!! I thought I had a lot! Lol
  • cyprissacyprissa member
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    When we go out on weekends, I just grab my wristlet that I use as a wallet from my purse and take just the diaper bag. In the diaper bag we have: 

    Baby: diapers (# depends on how long we will be out), wipes, wet bag, change of clothes, bib, couple of chewy type toys

    Toddler: Potette travel potty seat, undies, pants

    General: small sunscreen, travel insect repellent, small first aid kit, boogey wipes, hand sanitizer, tums, snacks, water bottle (refillable)

    This stuff fits in a regular backpack. 

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  • When we go out, I just stuff some things in my purse. 

    But when I drop him off at mom or MIL's house:

    - extra outfit
    - light jacket
    - extra paci
    - diapers
    - wipes
    - blanket
    - small toy and/or book
    - diaper cream
    - bib
    - spoon
    - jar of baby food or puffs or something
    - packet of formula and a bottle (just in case)

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  • Diapers, wipes, and pads, that's all we put in the diaper bag.
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