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Finger food sippy cup questions

My son is 10 1/2 months, I've been feeding him purres, yogurt and stage 3 foods, recently I've given him little rice cakes and he's doing real good with them, he doesn't have the pincher grasp down yet so I'm wondering if it's ok to do baked carrot slices and stuff like that since he likes to hold the rice cakes and still do thicker foods. Also, he has never held his bottle and I've been trying sippy cups, but he throws them, if I hold it and tip it up he will drink from it? Should I just keep trying? Thank you for any advice!

Re: Finger food sippy cup questions

  • Try straw cups instead of sippy cups. Straw cups are more recommended as they are better for their teeth. My favorite for this age is the Playtex Little Grippers. They have a spot for you to press to help them learn the straw.

    As for finger foods. Relax and give him whatever your eating. Babies will learn really quickly how to eat by copying you. We didn't do purees at all with my son. He ate what we ate from the beginning and has thrived on it. He's 15 months old and already using utensils. You just have to back off a bit and let them explore.
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  • Thank you :) I think the straw cup I did get for him to try is too big I'll look for those
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  • Best way to gain that pincer grasp is to give food that needs to be picked up with thumb and finger :-)  That skill won't just come on it's own.  It's the motivation of picking up that cheerio or blueberry that advances that skill.



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  • We used stuff like Gerber puffs and lil munchies for grasping and it really helped. She picked up on it over a weekend. Now we do pieces of chicken, turkey, cheese, fruit, and veggies. They just need to be soft enough for gums.
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  • Thank you everyone, I gave him some shredded cheese and bananna pieces and he did pretty good!
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