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Do you share homeschooling with your SO?

I don't. 

And I don't mind it, but I'm just curious about everyone else. 

Re: Do you share homeschooling with your SO?

  • Yes and No.

    Since I'm the parent that is home during the days, I am responsible for most of the book work that happens.  DH has done it with the boys on days off, but since he works full-time, it just makes sense that I would be responsible for it.

    But a lot of our learning takes place in non-traditional ways in which DH is very much present.  On the weekends he may take one of the boys hunting and they learn about tracking animals or get an anatomy lesson as they are field dressing whatever they killed.  Or maybe they decide to spend the weekend building something together and so DH gives a lesson in geometry during the process.

    And DH is very much a part of the religious instruction that happens in our home school.

    So while I may do most of the planned lessons, DH does just as many unplanned lessons throughout the week.  Both are equally important, IMO.
  • He spontaneously shares science articles and shows with the children because that's where his interests are, but I do all the formal learning. He will take over math at the high school level, though, as he is a former math teacher and has a much better understanding of it than I do (I was a very poor math student after Algebra 1).
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