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What is the best month to be 9 months pregnant/ give birth?

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What do you think is the best month of the year to be at the end of pregnancy or to give birth? Did you plan on having a baby in July or would you have picked another month to deliver (if you could)? What time of year would you plan on having your next LO?

What is the best month to be 9 months pregnant/ give birth? 158 votes

6% 11 votes
30% 48 votes
27% 44 votes
July (DUH)
13% 21 votes
3% 5 votes
5% 8 votes
3% 5 votes
1% 3 votes
8% 13 votes

Re: What is the best month to be 9 months pregnant/ give birth?

  • I'd like baby #2 to be born april-june if I could pick.

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  • Loved being pregnant in April. It was fantastic. The only downside was having to drive to the hospital in labor during a tornado.  :-O

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  • I have March, April and July baby. The March and April time frame was easier on.me and I am aiming for that for next baby.


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  • As a teacher, may/june is always the most desirable to me. I delivered in October with ds1 and I was a sweaty hog all summer. At least when ds2 was born in late July I had a month of relief! I was sad that I didn't get as much time home with the baby because he was born so late. Now that pp hormones wore off I could give two shits less about any of this.

    I have an irrational fear of having a baby in the winter months in the middle of a snow storm. I could be like the mom who delivered her baby on a sled! This is up there with my fear of having a baby on the side of the highway.

  • I would love a Spring baby as I already have Winter and Summer babies. I'll take what I'm given though.
  • To echo my fellow loss mommas, as long as the baby is healthy, I don't care when I'm pregnant or when he/she is born.  With my loss, I was due right after Thanksgiving and kept worrying about going into labor during Thanksgiving dinner.  After I miscarried, I regretted all that worry b/c I would have rather had my baby.
  • I wasn't too miserable in June/July.
    I don't mind....I don't complain much. Whatever will be will be. ;)


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  • Any time of year is a good time to have a baby. DD was a Thanksgiving baby, and then I had all of the holidays off, and with Ian, I thought I wanted an early spring baby but it took us 6 months to conceive. Having a summer baby was awesome though because then I didn't have to work in the heat of the summer, and got to spend the end of my pregnancy in the pool, lol.

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  • I think wherever you live is also a factor and not at all selfish. With my first i delivered in March during a brutal winter in NE. Not only did i fall on the ice twice during pregnancy and had to go in for monitoring, but i was worried we would have a blizzard when I went into labor. I shot for May/June this time, buy July was fine by me. Hot without air conditioning, but don't they say to not sweat the small stuff. ;)
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  • I kept telling DH the only month we can't get pregnant is October because his 2 daughters birthdays are in July. Oops it happened anyway.
    I think a spring baby would be good because I wouldn't have to be hot and miserably pregnant in the summer.
    We are going to try for a spring 2016 baby!
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  • I agree with happy and healthy! But weather wise I think spring or early summer is easiest--I've had two July babies so I don't know any different! My good friend is due any day with #2 and he is so happy for a spring baby, instead of a late Nov. baby because she was cooped up all winter last time. Although it took her three years to conceive both her DDs so I know she is just happy and feeling fortunate to be having another, regardless of season!
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  • No preference, at all.
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    I really don't want a baby January thru April because my H is a tax accountant and I barely see him. But if it happened, we'd be fine.

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  • so many interesting points! thanks for responding! definitely a healthy baby is really the only thing that matters... just wondering what people thought as i think about baby #2 ;).  i think i would like to have a baby in the spring to avoid being so hot and uncomfortable in the summer but who knows how that planning will work out lol all my plans always go to hell.
  • Spring really was nice. I was pregnant early july and was due in march. I miscarried and then got pregnant in mid august and I was due in may. I had her in april and I loved not being super uncomfortable in the last couple of months. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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  • I actually liked having my daughter in November. I usually hibernate & don't do as much in the winter, so being exhausted & home snuggling with a newborn worked for me. I also liked having my son in July though too.

    I say this now that I'm not pregnant or up with a newborn all night. Who knows what I would have said then!
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  • I liked having him in July! I was pregnant when it was relatively cool (for California) and June is usually a little cooler/gloomier. I was only pregnant in July for a few hours, so it worked out :)
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  • As a teacher, I'd say April or May but as a momma I'm on the whenever I can have a healthy baby bandwagon.

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    I struggle with pcos and it took 18 months and a loss before I conceived DD2, so I am in the any-time-is-a-good-time-for-a-baby camp, but I really liked having a May baby. We got the first weeks of postpartum done before Summer so we could get out and enjoy the weather more than with my July girl who I spent a lot of the summer nursing on the couch. :-)
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    Of course anytime that brings and happy and healthy baby and mama...:)

    Knowing what I know now, although I was sooo swollen by the end, I think I'd like a September baby. I liked having him in July because it was warm so I could escape outside to quiet him down in the early weeks. But I missed all the nice summer weather being cooped up. And mat leave will be over before we can enjoy July and August together. 

    Who knows what the future will bring.  
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