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Food Allergy

Finally had our allergist appt today.

Why we went :DD#2 has eczema on her cheek that we can't get to go away even with the help of the dermatologist. She has had reactions to kiwi (hives, rash on mouth, congestion, swollen eyes). She also had a reaction to Dairy (Throwing up and mucus poops with yogurt, rash around mouth with cows milk). She got a rash around her mouth with avocado. Last reaction was with soy (runny nose, sneezing, and rash around mouth).

She was skin prick tested for kiwi, milk, soy, and avocado.  They reported that only the Kiwi was positive. The milk and soy looked pretty big but when they measured them they said they were not positive.

I was told no kiwi for 1 yr then we will do a kiwi challenge in office. Since the milk and soy were negative (even though these reactions just happened in the last 2 weeks) I was told to slowly give them to her again at home and call them after 1 week with the results.

I understand no kiwi (pretty easy) but I feel nervous and bad to give my DD#2 dairy again.  

As to the eczema they told me to try a prescription anti fungal cream...maybe she has a secondary infection. I sure hope it helps but feel doubtful because last time at the dermatologist it looked worse and he didn't think it was infected.  

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Re: Finally had our allergist appt today.

  • DC2London they did not offer to have us to give her DD#2 dairy or soy in office.  You are probably right in calling it an intolerance. Her symptoms seem very similar to your DS#2. She has not had mucus poops in a while but gets a diaper rash that seems to coincide with everything else fairing up.

    Do both you and your DS#2 avoid all dairy? hidden too?  DD#1 is a milk aholic and loves all dairy and of course DD#2 wants everything her big sister has.  DD#2 really won't drink cows milk but she will steal her sisters cup and walk around with it. 
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  • DC2London if you don't mind me does weaning from BF go for dairy free kids?  Do you use alternative milks? 

    Against my better judgement I listed to the Allergist and gave DD#2 dairy again a few times. Once again rash around her mouth and her eczema got worse. I think we won't be giving her dairy for awhile.  I was really hoping to wean to WCM because it was so easy for me to wean DD#1 that way. I will BF for a few more months but I would like to have a plan for weaning when the time comes.

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  • Have either of you tried coconut milk for the LOs? Our allergist had DS1 on that when he turned 1 since we had to avoid Dairy and Soy and didn't like the taste of almond...

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  • stacers33 DD#2 has tried it and will take a few sips. I don't feel comfortable weaning her to an alternative milk just yet. She has had weight issues in the past (still small) and she does not eat enough solids to meet her nutritional needs. She won't eat peanut butter or avocados either.  I think if she was bigger and ate more solids I would do a little coconut and or almond milk. She will take sips of both from my cup.
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