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5 year old DD weighs 35.5 pounds

Anyone, going through this with an extremely picky eater?  My pedi is not concerned because he has always been a picky eater and always small. But I hate looking at his bones popping out. We went thru a whole work up a couple of years ago and everything is fine...he is just tiny. The pedi told me to drop the pediasure and start giving him boost 1.5 with more calories along with doucal powder. I could tell she didnt think he needed it...she just wanted me to calm down and see him put some weight on

Re: 5 year old DD weighs 35.5 pounds

  • Sorry, not DD....DS.  Son :-)
  • DD is just over 40lbs at 7.5 years. Sometimes I get concerned, but she's happy, healthy, active and has followed her growth curve since 9 months. Also her doctor isn't concerned so I try not to be.
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  • People always talk about toddlers being picky eaters, but I found that truly picky eating started around 3 and got worse until it reached its peak at age 5ish.  Both of my kids became less obnoxiously picky after that age. 

    Also, my DS probably weighed no more than 42 pounds at age 5, and he is at the 90%ile for height.  

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  • My daughter just now weighs 27lbs. My DH and I are smaller people. Plus she dances 3 times a week. The doctor was concerned when she was little, but that went away at about 2. Just relax is the best advice I can give you.
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  • I have 2 extremely picky eaters. My 6.5 year old weighs only 41 lbs and my 4 year old is about 35 or 36 lbs. My oldest did see a specialist at one point about his weight but they didn't seem tooo concerned and just said to give him whatever he wants to eat in order to get him to gain weight. He's alot less picky now but his slenderness still worries me!


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  • I have 2 small kids. DS is 35 lbs at 4 1/2 and DD is about 55 lbs at 9. DD is extremely picky but DS eats everything, just not in big quantities. I'm not a big person and they definitely got my build. I think they're always going to be small. For us it's genetic. My oldest DD is built like DH and she will never be tiny. I wouldn't worry too much.
  • Don't stress about it or make food/eating an issue.  If you do that, it will only get worse.  I have 2 very tiny girls - one can out eat me and the other is very picky.  They are both very healthy but small.  We give them a vit and serve healthy meals.  For lunches, I send my picky eater PB&J every single day and don't make a fuss.  Dinner is made as 1 meal - the kids chose to eat or not eat but we don't make separate meals.  I just make sure every meal includes one thing each of them eats and call it a day.  Unless your child is sick or losing weight, don't worry.  They will outgrow it or figure out on their own what they need to do to eat and be full.  Just be there to provide the direction of what healthy eating is and offer those foods.  Kids do outgrow this at some piont, they might be in college when it happens but it will.
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  • My 5 1/2 yr old is about 38 lbs and tiny. My 8 1/2 yr old is 55 lbs and is also a lot smaller than many other kids. I don't worry about it. Then 5 yr old ain't picky at all but he loves a lot of low cal food(he'd pick a salad over a cookie any day) and my oldest is super picky but will actually eat many foods now.
  • My son is 7 and weighs 38 lbs. I am thinking its genetics because he eats 3 healthy meals a day! Protein carbs and he loves fruits and veggies



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  • My son is 8yrs and weighs about 48lbs. He's just thin with a fast metabolism. He's active and happy. He always eats well and balanced. Loves veggies. I'm not concerned about his weight.
  • My DD will be 5 next month and weighs 37lbs. She eats like a horse though, but doesn't seem to pack any on. She has been in the 5-20th percentile for weight since she was about 9m old. DH & I are very average sized & active people. We were both very thin as kids too. Our pedi has never had an issue with it, so we don't either. 
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  • DD is a little over 4.5 & weighs 33 lbs.  She has always been tiny and in the 10 - 15% for weight.  Our Pedi is not concerned because this is how she's always been.  He said the only time for concern is if she were to go down in her percentile.  Is this the case with your son or has he always been on the small side?  If on the small side I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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  • DS will be 6 in October of this year and probably weighs the same as your son.  He has always been tiny and is a picky eater.  Pedi has never been concerned and though I was at first, I just realized he will probably be small. 

    But then again I am only 4'11 so he will probably take after my side of the family.

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  • That doesn't seem super small to me. How tall is he? It's good your pedi doesn't seem too concerned and had some suggestions for you.
    One of my 5-year-olds is 37 lbs, so not a ton bigger. (The other is 39 lbs.) They're not that tall either though; 41.75" and 41.5" respectively. They turned 5 in January. 
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  • My DD is small as well. When she was 5, she weighed about 30 lbs. I don't think she weighed over 40 lbs until she was in second grade. She is currently 9 and weighs 55 lbs and she is so pumped, lol.

    Some kids are small, and that's ok! Don't worry. They'll eat when they're hungry. I am a firm believer in not making or forcing kids to eat because you're teaching them not to listen to their body's cues on hunger and fullness.

    Good luck!
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  • Mine too! She'll be 6 in May and she weighs 37 pounds. I've found having her buy school lunch has broadened her tastes, because she's kinda getting the peer pressure from classmates to "try" things. (They're eating it so she feels should too!) Cannot get her to eat many fruits or ANY vegetables though. Her fruits are pretty much limited to just apples and bananas and she will not eat veggies, period.
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