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Activities for vacation?

We have 2 vacations coming up and I am looking for ideas of stuff to take along for my girls to entertain themselves with.  One week they will be the only kids and the other week their will be a 5 and 6 year old boy as well.  Anything that won't make a huge mess or a ton of loud noise and is relatively easy to pack?  Just need some stuff for downtime or rainy days.
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Re: Activities for vacation?

  • Card games (go fish, old maid, crazy 8s), magna doodle, small puzzles (I pack them in ziploc bags to make them a bit less bulky then in a box).
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  • Activity and puzzle books, small games like Rush Hour, card games, etc.  Art supplies.  Bubbles.
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  • My mom found some magnetic travel games like hangman, tic tac toe, and chess that the kids enjoy.

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